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Book List

The Lab Official Book List

The Lab is a space for makers, crafters, and other people looking to expand their skills or create something special! Summer is the perfect time to plan a visit to try out some of our amazing lab technology, and Tech Assistant Lily has created the perfect starter book list for the some of the awesome projects you can do while creating at the library.

Introducing Bella!

Meet one of our Interns, Bella, and hear what she has learned and hopes to learn from us here at PDL! She has also shared some of her favorite books.

Sexual Assault Awareness Month Book List

Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) is an annual campaign in April to raise public awareness about sexual assault and to educate communities and individuals on sexual violence prevention.
Check out these titles to learn more, or stop by the library for more information.

Teens Recommend – 2023

Want to know what other teens are enjoying reading, watching, or playing? At every meeting of our Board of Library Teens, we collect recommendations from attendees on their favorite things they’ve checked out from the library. Read on and maybe you’ll discover something new!

PDL Staff Best of 2023

They’re simply the best. Better than all the rest. Better than anything. Anything we’ve ever read (or watched). Here’s our staff’s picks for the best books, TV, and movies of 2023!

PDL Wrapped 2023

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! That’s right, it’s Spotify Wrapped season. Here at PDL we’ve got a staff full of audiophiles who are so excited to share their top artists and albums of 2023!

Trans Voices And Stories: An All Ages Booklist

This all-ages list features a selection of Trans and Gender Non-Conforming related books for all ages from the PDL collection, which was presented in conjunction with the traveling art exhibit Authentic Selves.

Native American Heritage Month

Native American Heritage Month has been recognized each November since the turn of the century. You can read more about it at the Native American Heritage Month government homepage. Celebrate this year with a great read from this family book list!