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Colleen Kingsbury

2023 YA Award Winners

Looking for your next great read? Then why not browse a list of award winners for inspiration! These books have been read by panels of judges who considered them to be excellent, so you’re sure to find something incredible!

Future Worlds

Dreaming of leaving boring earthlings behind? Or yearning to see what the future could hold? Then these YA science fiction novels might be for you!

YA Trans and Nonbinary Fiction

Gender nonconforming people are not a monolith, and neither are the YA books featuring their voices! Here we highlight fantasy, romance, superheroes, poetry and more written by transgender YA authors.

Clean Reads

Enjoy these YA clean reads that are free from graphic violence, explicit sexuality, and strong profanity. They’re great for tweens dipping into the world of YA or anyone looking for a light read!

If You Liked One of Us is Lying…

then you’ll love these books! These fast-paced YA thrillers and mysteries will get you hooked from page one. There might even be a shocking twist or two…

Disabled Voices

Celebrate disabled voices in literature by reading these YA books featuring disabled characters and/or authors!

New(!) LGBT YA Fiction

Tired of the seeing the same LGBT book recommendations over and over? Then check back monthly for exciting new releases! We’ll spotlight four upcoming LGBT books; maybe you’ll find your next great read!

Muslim YA Authors

Explore these books written for teens written by Muslim authors! These #ownvoices books span genres and depict the Muslim experience in a multitude of ways.

Indigenous Voices

There is a rich world of Indigenous literature out there, and these YA books are just a few great examples! You’ll find books ranging from science fiction to history and more on this list, and be sure to explore the recommended resources for even more #ownvoices Indigenous lit!

Magical History

Want to be whisked away to magical ancient Rome? How about fight a vampire in Romania? Then dive into these historical fantasy YA novels! Wonders await you…