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Help Plan the Library’s Future

Image of people with hands together, smiling with the words, Your Opinion Matters over the picture. The purpose of the picture is to show community and the importance of working together.

Public libraries play a crucial role in communities, offering resources, programs, and services that cater to various needs. At Plymouth District Library, we are committed to ensuring that our services evolve based on community needs. To achieve this, we are working on a strategic plan that places the voices and opinions of our community at the heart. By seeking input from our patrons, we can:

  • Understand Needs: Identify the specific needs and preferences of our patrons.
  • Enhance Services: Improve existing programs and services to remain beneficial.
  • Foster Ownership: Encourage a sense of ownership and engagement among community members.

How We Are Gathering Input

To ensure we capture a broad spectrum of voices, we are utilizing a variety of methods to gather community input:

  • Surveys: Conducting online and in-person surveys to gather detailed feedback.
  • Focus Groups: Organizing focus groups to gain deeper insights into specific issues.
  • Public Meetings: Hosting open forums and town hall meetings for direct community engagement.

Our Commitment to Action

The insights we gather will directly inform our strategic plan, guiding our decisions on program development, resource allocation, service enhancements, and more. Our goal is to create a library environment that not only meets but exceeds the expectations of our community.

Join the Conversation

We invite all community members to participate in this process. Visit our community page to learn more and share your thoughts. Your voice matters, and we look forward to hearing from you.