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Current Trends

As a committee, we kicked off our inquiry into the community by brainstorming a list of current trends we see on a national level and discussed how some of these trends are manifesting at the local level here in town. What did we miss on the listing below? Send us an email to let us know your thoughts!

Inflation/economic tension
Subscriptions & on-demand services
Climate change
Climate anxiety
Library of Things/sharing economy
Growth of home-focused hobbies and interests
Questioning consumerism (what do we need vs want?)
Consumers of content and experiences
Desiring community and socialization
Wireless & digital infrastructure
3rd places
Population changes
Political tensions
Social justice
Mental health
Younger generation more curious and open to discussing what were once taboo topics
Artificial intelligence
Push toward social media
Technology as a default/ubiquitous
Work/life balance
Workplace changes (WFH, co-working spaces)
Triple bottom line decision-making & corporate social responsibility
Entrepreneurship (be your own boss)
Vocational education/trades
Questioning value of higher education
Baby boomer generation retiring – the Great Resignation