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Games, Gaming and the Communities they Build

Do you like role-playing games (RPGs) such as Dungeons & Dragons or board games? Trivia Nights or Chess? What about online gaming? They all have unique experiences and characteristics that make them fun. PDL provides access to many gaming resources, from video game consoles to board games and RPGs, aiming to attract diverse groups to these activities and to the library. Games require communication and teamwork, especially in multiplayer and role-playing formats, which help develop social skills. Games are also a tried and true way to learn math, reading, and problem-solving skills while having fun. In a world where people often feel alone, overworked, and stressed, games offer a solution to many of these issues. Two of our librarians who lead some of our gaming activities shared their thoughts on games.

Dungeons and Dragons
Sean Glasgow, a Teen Services Librarian, leads a Dungeons and Dragons event at PDL. Dungeons and Dragons is a fantasy tabletop game where players create characters to embark on adventures in fantastical worlds. The game heavily focuses on character development and storytelling, as well as a 20-sided die. Its cultural influence can be felt in our literature, television shows, and recently, films. “First, it’s a lot of fun,” shared Sean. “People become invested in the characters they create and the story that unfolds through gameplay. It also helps with practicing basic math, provides an opportunity for creative problem-solving, is a great way to practice on-the-spot improvisation, and serves as an excellent outlet for self-expression.” PDL’s offering of Dungeons and Dragons aligns with our mission to bring people together and foster connections among players and the library.

Tim Sherman, one of our Adult Service Librarians, leads our Chess Club and Chess Classes. Here are his thoughts on the classic game: “It’s hard to learn about chess without encountering two fascinating realities: how long it has been around, and how many cultures around the world play it,” shared Tim. “There are not many games where anyone on Earth could travel to any other place on Earth and find someone to play with, all while never speaking the same language. That is incredible to me.

Additionally, there are two elements of gameplay that make chess fascinating and unique. First, there is zero chance involved in the game. There is no roll of the dice, no dealing of the cards, no favorable calls by a referee, and no funny bounces of a ball or puck. Luck plays no part in chess. Furthermore, all information about the game you are playing with your opponent is known to both of you – it is all out there in the open on those 64 squares. Chess at any age is a great game to play because it brings two people together over a board, and in today’s fast-paced world that is increasingly virtual, that can only ever be a good thing.”

Video Games
Video games and online gaming are phenomena in our society, with over 60% of American adults and over 75% of people under 18 enjoying these games. To support gamers, we have consoles available to play in our Teen Zone. And, to go back to the classics, we hold Trivia Night for adults to show off their intellect and knowledge on a plethora of topics.

PDL is passionate about games, and as gaming continues to grow in our society and culture, our library will continue to be a part in making these experiences accessible to all.

games activities and resources at PDL:

Trivia Night (Adults): Drop in alone or with some friends, coworkers or family members to answer questions from various categories.  Prizes will be awarded to the top trivia teams! Light refreshments will be provided.

Chess Club and Chess Class: You can play a game with other chess players or learn how to play by attending a chess workshop.

Dungeons and Dragons (Teens): We have D&D just for teens and programs for adults. If you are new to the game, take part in a D&D 101and learn all about it.

Video Game Consoles: Available for teens to play in the PDL Teen Zone.

Board Games Check Out: You can check out board games to take home and enjoy through our catalog and with your library card.

Board Game Swaps and Events: This summer, the popular board game swap is back. Bring a game and get a chance to find other games that you will love. We also have actual board game afternoons and evenings for your enjoyment.