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Join StoryTeen at the Library! Unleash Your Potential

Are you a rising 11th or 12th grader with a passion for early literacy and making a difference in your community? Look no further! The library is calling for enthusiastic teens to join StoryTeen, an exciting unpaid internship program tailored just for you.

Why Volunteer?

Before we delve into the details of this opportunity, let’s talk about why volunteering is so important. Volunteering not only benefits the community but also offers invaluable personal and professional development opportunities. It allows teens to:

  1. Make a Difference: By volunteering, teens can directly impact the lives of others in their community.
  2. Gain Experience: Volunteering provides hands-on experience in various fields, allowing teens to explore their interests and develop new skills. This real-world experience can be invaluable when applying for college or future employment opportunities.
  3. Build Connections: Volunteering allows teens to connect with like-minded individuals and mentors who share their passions. These connections can lead to lifelong friendships, mentorship opportunities, and even potential career pathways.

Now that we understand the importance of volunteering, let’s dive into what StoryTeen has to offer.

Introducing StoryTeen:

StoryTeen is more than just a volunteering—it’s an immersive internship experience designed to ignite your passion for early literacy and library programs for youth and families. As a StoryTeen intern, you’ll embark on a journey of learning, collaboration, and fun!

What You’ll Do:

  • Learn About Literacy: Gain insights into early literacy practices and strategies.
  • Assist with Kindergarten Bootcamp: Help facilitate activities designed to support young learners.
  • Have Fun: Explore your creativity and make lasting memories with fellow interns and library staff.

Program Details:

  • Duration: June 18 to August 6 (with a break during Independence Day week)
  • Time Commitment: Weekly volunteer hours each Tuesday
  • Volunteer Hours: Complete up to 30 volunteer hours throughout the program
  • Mentorship: Develop relationships with librarian mentors who can provide references and letters of recommendation upon successful completion of the program.

The Creative Project:

As a end of your StoryTeen experience, you’ll have the opportunity to share your accomplishments at a special celebration in the library on August 20th.

How to Apply:

If you have a passion for libraries, helping children and families, and making a difference in your community, we want to hear from you! To apply for StoryTeen, click here. Join us as we embark on a journey of literacy, learning, and fun! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to become a StoryTeen intern and make a lasting impact in your community.