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Finding Home: john and eileen find of Community and Connection

Photo of John and Eileen Gury, residents of Plymouth and avid enjoyers of Plymouth District Library events, programs and services.

John and Eileen Gury have been Plymouth District residents for only a few years. They were heading for that picturesque retirement in the warm Florida sun, but life made that trip impossible. Then a visit with friends brought them to Plymouth and they haven’t looked back since – they never regretted it, What introduced them to our library was a PDL newsletter delivered to their home. After a year of settling in, they were ready to get out into the community, meet more people, and enjoy the new place they called home. Eileen was the first to dip her toe in and sign up for one of our classes. She recalled it being a yarn spinning class – it was so much fun that she felt compelled to recommend it to John and others. This was the beginning of several visits and adventures through our library’s offered classes,  performances, and more. 

Two of their favorite events were an interactive presentation of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt – performed by actors  telling the story of these historical figures – and trivia night. They have even gotten friends to say yes to attending  the library’s next trivia event. On the other hand, John raved about the Canva class he attended and how he  used his new-found skill to make a flyer. It will always be important for the community to have access to these  classes and workshops. – They allow our patrons to learn and experience new things in an entertaining way.

For mature adults, tech classes and workshops on subjects like Medicare and small business development have made the library not only a cultural stop, but an informative one. John and Eileen are excited  about taking one of the popular 3D printing classes in our Lab on the upper level. According to Eileen, registration goes fast, so I promised to give her a heads-up once registration opens again. 

Both John and Eileen shared that one of the most important parts of these classes, workshops, and programs is that the PDL team made them feel comfortable and welcomed.

We at PDL strive to make everyone that comes through our doors feel the same way John and Eileen do . I hope that you get to meet them one day – they even gave me some great advice about my next vacation and which cruises are worth taking. Jamaica, here I come! 

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