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Library Appreciation Month

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Governor Whitmer has officially proclaimed October 2023 to be Library Appreciation Month. Plymouth District Library welcomes this opportunity for Michiganders to recognize all the good that libraries do for their communities!

Here at PDL, we are lucky to hear appreciation from our patrons all throughout the year!  The best thing about working at events out in the community is the number of people who stop by to say, “We love the library!”  We never get tired of hearing it, because it means we’re fulfilling our mission to serve you.  Our staffroom bulletin board is filled with notes, drawings and comments from grateful patrons, and we appreciate that you take the time share your thoughts.  Whether its because we helped you or your child find a great next read or because you enjoyed a Cricut class in the Lab or maybe you just were grateful for the help a staffer gave you at uploading your resume to a job search site.  Hearing from you – both encouraging words and constructive comments – helps us as we strive to support you in living your best life.

Thanks for supporting libraries and for taking the time to connect with us!  We appreciate you right back!