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Celebration of Children’s Lit

There’s something magical about learning to read and the memories of being read to as a child. If you
ask someone what their favorite book was as a child, odds are they’ll fondly recall a book (or several!)
that was special to them.

Because children’s books are so special, we recently held a Celebration of Children’s Literature on Saturday, July 15 from 11-4pm. During that time, we hosted 15 local children’s book authors and heard talks from multi-award winning author Jean Alicia Elster, and multi-award winning
author/illustrator Matt Faulkner. Patrons enjoyed children’s literature themed games and

To prepare, we asked our staff what their favorite books were as children and what their favorite
children’s books are now. The responses came pouring in! They were so much fun to see that we
decided to turn them into collector cards. You can view these cards here and check out our favorites to enjoy yourself!