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September 2022 Library Board Meeting

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Plymouth District Library Board of Trustees will hold a regular meeting at 7:30pm on September 20, 2022. The meeting will be open for participation both in-person at the library and online via zoom. For more information on participation, check out our event calendar.

View or download the digital packet using the links below. Paper copies are available at the Readers Advisory Desk whenever the library is open.

August Meeting Minutes
Financial Report
Director Report
Old Business 8.1 – 2022 Millage Resolution
Old Business 8.2 – 2023 Operating Budget Approval
New Business 9.1 – 2023 Fines & Fees
New Business 9.2 – 2023 COLA
New Business 9.3 – Accounting Services Approval
New Business 9.4-9.7