Printing at PDL

Printing is available in the vestibule. Currently we are offering free printing. However, we have a 10 page limit. Please check the PDL status for the latest availability of services.

Mobile printing is also available!


PDL now uses PrinterOn. This app allows you to print from your phone, tablet, and computer. Don’t want to use an app? You can email directly to the printer by sending an email with your document attached. Finally, you can also use the printer cloud by uploading your document, and then retrieve the document from the printer. Regardless of the method used, you have 24 hours to come to the library and call up your print job. Jobs are automatically deleted after 24 hours. We are currently offering free printing. There is a 10 page limit on print jobs

Check out this short video for a quick demonstration. Click on the buttons below to get started!

how to use the printer on app printeron upload printeron email

last update: 9/14/2020 mk