Frequently Asked Questions-Updated!


Building Schedule

We have a lot of new information to share. Please take a look at all the FAQs and take time to read a message from our library director about this phase of re-opening. As always, you can ask us a question anytime using the Ask Us form on this page. Our social media accounts and website are being updated regularly. Please consider following us!  Facebook | Twitter |Instagram| YouTube

Is the Library Open?

Yes, the library opened for our Grab and Go phase on Wednesday, July 29. We are permitted to admit 25% of our capacity of available public areas, according to the fire department assessment of our building. Upper and lower levels will not be open at this time.

What hours will the library be open?

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, 1 – 9 p.m.
• Thursday, Friday, and Saturday 9:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.
• Sunday – closed for extra cleaning

What can I expect when visiting the library?

  • All patrons and staff will be required to wear a mask upon entry and follow social distancing guidelines.
  • Limitations in building capacity may make it necessary for you to wait to enter the building.
  • The upper level and lower children’s level will not be accessible to the public. Only the main floor will be accessible. Staff will be available to retrieve items from these floors.
  • You will need to use the outside book drop to make any returns. Materials will need to be quarantined, so the check out desk will not be able to accept book returns.
  • There will be limited seating and chairs and no study rooms.

Are the Friends accepting used books?

Your generosity has been overwhelming! The Friends of the Library appreciate your donations of beloved items but we have temporarily stopped accepting your boxes/bags of books, CDs, and DVDs for the used book sale until we can catch up.

What are the safety precautions?

• We are complying with all state COVID requirements including maintaining six feet from each other.
• There may be a wait on our front porch as we monitor number of people in the building. Please observe markings on the ground as social distancing reminders while you wait.
• Masks are required.
• The library will be professionally cleaned daily. High-touch points will be cleaned throughout the day.
• Staff are monitored before each shift for present health status and temperature.
• Returned materials will be quarantined for 4 days or more.
• Upholstered chairs have been removed from the floor and seating is limited to encourage Grab and Go service.
• Computers are cleaned after each use.

Are you sanitizing returned materials?

Per federal guidelines, returned items (library materials and donated books) are being quarantined for at least four days when returned. We had over 25,000 items checked out when the library closed. As items are returned, we check them in, and hold them in quarantine before safely re-shelving them or fulfilling hold requests

Will computers be available?

  • A limited number of public computers will be made available on the main floor.
  • Printing, copying, and fax will also be available. Staff will also be available for assistance.

What services are available?

• Main level browsing
• Upper and lower level material requests welcomed and grabbed for you
• New youth books – picture books, easy readers, non-fiction, chapter books
• New adult non-fiction
MeL interloan system
• Limited public computer access on our main level and available help from our IT tech team
Printing, copying and faxing
• Check-out at desk or self-check stations
• Main level restrooms
• Grab and Go Youth theme bags – a selection of great children’s books on a variety of your favorite subjects
Youth book bundles by online request
• Friends Book Sale
Online programs for all ages
Downloadable e-books, e-audiobooks, music, movies, tv shows, magazines, comic books

What services are not yet available?

• Browsing on the upper or lower level
• Private study rooms
• Computer lab
• Meetings, tutoring
• Youth floor puppet theater
• Youth game computers
• Teen video game playing (video games are still available for checkout)
• Library programs in the building

Will curbside service continue?

Yes – curbside service has been very popular and will continue moving forward. In fact, we have expanded hours of curbside service so that more people can place items on hold, schedule a pick-up time, and get the materials they’ve been wanting. Take a look at this quick video on how to use the curbside service. More details on curbside service can be found here. 

Can I put materials on hold or place orders in MeLCat?

You can place holds in our library catalog. MeLCat is up and running, however some items might not be available at this time, as not all libraries are open.

When will the items I put on hold be available?

We are processing holds as quickly as possible. For your hold to be ready for you to pick up, the items must be in the library (many items are still checked out to other patrons) and if recently returned, no longer under quarantine.

Why are the upper and lower levels of the library closed?

These floors are currently closed for public access because they are being used to quarantine the over 25,000 items that have recently been returned to the library. We have moved the new materials from both the youth and adult nonfiction areas to the main floor for easy access in the meantime.

When will the upper and lower floors be available to browse?

At this point we don’t have a date on when browsing will be available on the upper and lower levels. We will continue to monitor the status of returns and our need for materials quarantine space. Please know that you have access to the materials on these two floors. Please ask for assistance at the help desk and we would be pleased to help you.

Why are the chairs removed from the library’s public areas? When are they coming back?

Our library is currently in a Grab and Go phase due to state and local limits. Our occupancy on the main floor is limited to 33 patrons and staff at this time per the fire department’s calculations. Patrons are currently encouraged to pick out their materials, check them out, and leave the building. Due to the challenges of sanitizing our soft furniture and the need to keep folks moving in and out of the library quickly, most chairs have been removed. We do not have a date on when chairs will be returned to the library.

What are the due dates for checked-out materials?

Those who have checked out items fall into one of these three groups:
1. You had items checked out when the library closed on March 13. These items can be returned now and are due back by August 15. There will be no fines levied for the months that the library was closed.
2. You checked items out using our curbside service, between June 27 and July 29. These items are due by September 15.
3. You checked out items, either through curbside or in the building, after we opened on July 29. These items will have the standard borrowing periods:
Books – 3 weeks
Videos – New: 1 day, Popular: 1 week, Non-fiction: 3 weeks
Audio books – 3 weeks
Music CDs – 1 week
Magazines – 1 week
Let us know if you have any difficulties meeting these due dates – just give us a call at 734.453.0750, ext 3.

Last updated: 8/26/2020