Early Literacy Tips!

Literacy tips

Every Child Ready to Read® incorporates simple practices for parents/caregivers to develop early literacy skills from Birth to Age 5. We will add new literacy tips every week on our Facebook page!

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Talk about colors! Ask your child what his/her favorite color is and share yours. Talk about things that are those colors. Make up silly songs about every day activities! “This is the way we make the bed, make the bed, make the bed Practice counting! An Example would be to count your snacks, How many goldfish crackers are on your plate?
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Be a reading role model. Let your child catch you reading a book, newspaper, or magazine! Write a list of things to do today. Have your child check off each as it is completed. Use a red crayon to keep a list of all the red things you see today. Red car, red truck, red door.
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Play store. Set up a little store with items in your house and take turns being the shopper and the check out clerk. Talk about concepts like “on” and “off” when you put on and take off hats and jackets. Make music with things you have in the house- pots, pans, spoons, and sing and dance around to the music you make
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Pick a letter of the alphabet and practice tracing it. Play “I Spy” with rhyming words. I spy something with my little eye, something that rhymes with fly! What is it? Point out the shapes of different objects, talk about how they are alike and how they are different.
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Have a music parade. Play pretend instruments while you march around the house. Sing a song in a high voice; sing a song in a low voice. Sing it slow; sing it fast. Count to 5 as you spin in a circle 5 times. Count 5 hops. Count 5 small/big steps.
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Get caught reading a book, show your child reading is important to you too! Create a writing box together. Include paper and crayons. Decorate the outside and leave it within easy reach for your child. Go on an outside scavenger hunt. Bring a list and check off the things you see!