Creative Lab: Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the Creative Cloud?
The Creative Cloud is a suite of Adobe’s premier art and design software. Over 25 software and support products are available. These programs can help the user create, edit, print, and publish almost any kind of media, from newsletters to video editing. The Creative Lab computers also have the complete Microsoft Office suite (2016) and run on Windows 10.

There are so many programs. Where do I start?
Each of the programs specialize in certain types of media. The most commonly used are Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, and PremierProDownload a complete list of a description of each of the programs. Ask any staff member for assistance in getting started.

Do I need a special login or password to use the Creative Cloud?
Just like our regular public computers, you only need a library card and PIN or one of our guest passes. However, the Creative Cloud is only available in the Creative Lab.

Where can I get some help or training on these programs?
There are lots of options for people to learn the programs. Adobe offers many detailed video tutorials. There are also short introductory classes we will be presenting at the library. Please consult the events calendar for more information.

If you are a Plymouth card holder, you also have access to LinkedIn Learning and the Gale Courses which offer extended tutorials and classes on Adobe products. Please see our Digital Learning Page for information on accessing these products.

What about printing?
The Creative Lab has options for printing in various sizes, including letter, legal, and ledger, as well as large custom posters. Please see the Printing at PDL page for more information.