Tails & Tales Animal Art Challenge!

Learn about art at the library! Show us what kinds of animals you can create! This list is just a sample of what you can find in our 700’s collection. Head over there and find something that grabs you! Even if the book doesn’t mention animals, you might be able to find something that sparks your creativity. Want to share your art with the library? Send your finished products to srp@plymouthlibrary.org for display on our website here!

cover art Play with Art by Rachael Parfitt Hunt
Youth Nonfiction J 702.8 P
cover art Origami Zoo Animals by Anna George
Youth Nonfiction J 736 G
cover art Easy Origami: Woodland Animals by John Montroll
Youth Nonfiction J 736 M
cover art Clay Modeling by Sally Henry
Youth Nonfiction J 731.4 H
cover art Fingerprint Bugs by Bobbie Nuytten
Youth Nonfiction J 741.2 F
cover art Let’s Draw Pets and Farm Animals by Kasia Dudziuk
Youth Nonfiction J 743 D
cover art Zoo Animal Crafts by Annalees Lim
Youth Nonfiction J 743 L
cover art Drawing Puppies, Chicks, and Other Animals by Clara Cella
Youth Nonfiction J 743.6 C
cover art Drawing Awesome Sea Creatures by Damien Toll
Youth Nonfiction J 743.6 T
cover art Toys and Play with Everyday Materials by Sudarshan Khanna et al.
Youth STEAM Collection J 745 K
cover art Cool Crafts with Old Wrappers, Cans, and Bottles by Carol Sirrine
Youth Nonfiction J 745.5 C
cover art Crayola Boredom-Busting Crafts by Rebecca Felix
Youth Nonfiction J 745.5 F
cover art Fun Things to Do with Egg Cartons by Kara L. Laughlin
Youth Nonfiction J 745.5 L
cover art Make a Robo Pet Your Way! By Rachael L. Thomas
Youth Nonfiction J 745.5 T
cover art My First Animal Knitting Book by Fiona Goble
Youth Nonfiction J 746.432 G
cover art Hand-Print Animal Art by Carol Carreiro
Youth Nonfiction J 751.49 C
cover art Safari Claymation by Emily Reid
Youth Nonfiction J 777 R


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