Science Fiction Stories

Whales on StiltsWhales on Stilts (series) by: M.T. Anderson
Youth Fiction ANDERSON



Akiko and the Planet SmooAkiko on the Planet Smoo (series) by: Mark Crilley
Youth Fiction CRILLEY



Charlie and the Glass ElevatorCharlie and the Great Glass Elevator by: Roald Dahl
Youth Fiction DAHL



Last Day on MarsLast day on Mars (series) by: Kevin Emerson
Youth Fiction EMERSON



EagerEager (series) by: Helen Fox
Youth Fiction FOX



The Jupiter PiratesThe Jupiter Pirates: Hunt for the Hydra (series) by: Jason Fry
Youth Fiction FRY



Children of ExileChildren of Exile (series) by: Margaret Peterson Haddix
Teen and Youth Fiction HADDIX



A Wrinkle in TimeA Wrinkle in Time (series) by: Madeleine L’Engle
Teen and Youth Fiction L’ENGLE



Pi in the SkyPi in the Sky by: Wendy Mass
Youth Fiction MASS



House of RobotsHouse of Robots (series) by: James Patterson
Youth Fiction PATTERSON



The True Meaning of SmekdayThe true meaning of Smekday (series) by: Adam Rex
Youth Fiction REX



The Little PrinceThe Little Prince by: Antoine de Saint-Exupery



A Problematic ParadoxA problematic paradox by: Eliot Sappingfield



Holly Farb and the Princess of the GalaxyHolly Farb and the Princess of the Galaxy by: Gareth Wronski
Youth Fiction WRONSKI



Zita the SpacegirlZita the Spacegirl (series) by: Ben Hatke
Youth Graphic Novels ZIT