2019 Goals and Actions


Value: Access
Goal/Action: Creation of PDL App and expand community awareness of the App

Value: Access
Goal/Action: Increase community awareness of library services using three new marketing tools

Value: Access
Goal/Action: Upgrade low vision technology and market these services

Value: Destination
Goal/Action: Implement multimedia workstations with Adobe Suite in computer lab

Value: Access
Goal/Action: Wireless printing upgrade

Value: Access
Goal/Action: Defining and measuring touchpoints

Value: Access
Goal/Action: Analyze service points in relationship to changing public needs

Adult Services:

Value: Personalized Service: Help patrons find other books, resources based upon their individual interests
Goal/Action: Place materials closer to the library main entrance, such as displays in the checkout lane or at the self-check stations.

Value: Access: Increase community awareness and use of PDL services
Goal/Action: Identify and contribute to Little Free Libraries in Plymouth/Plymouth Township, which will create a new way for the community to access print materials and connect with other library services.

Value: Personalized Service: Every desk as a one-point service desk
Goal/Action: Identify core services that can be carried out at any service desk.

Value: Personalized Service: Expand free-form activities
Goal/Action: Create a materials advisory form on the web site that connects patrons with staff members who can provide materials suggestions based on their interests.

Teen Services:

Value: Access: Increase community awareness and use of PDL services
Goal/Action: Organize a booth for Teens at Fall Festival that highlights library-provided services, events, and activities for teens both at the library and in the community.

Value: Access: Increase community awareness and use of PDL services
Goal/Action: Implement pop-up library services such as book clubs and maker programs at schools, parks, youth groups, coffee shops, and other places teens congregate in order to make library services more accessible to teens outside of the library building.

Value: Personalized Service: Improve communications to better direct patrons to service and offerings
Goal/Action: Provide a way for patrons to communicate with staff via text (SMS).

Youth Services:

Values: Accessibility/Early Literacy
Goal/Action: Book collections at waiting rooms

Values: Accessibility/Early Literacy
Goal/Action: Dedicate staff hours for preschool outreach