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September – The “Other New Year”

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For many, back to school time is all about deliciously blank new notebooks, sharp pencils and a fresh start on a new school year. If this season does not mean back-to-school for you, it can still signal a great time for a fresh start. Plymouth District Library invites you to think about the “you” that lies just ahead. Maybe you’d like to learn a skill to enhance your career or expand your mind; our LinkedIn Learning platform offers thousands of video learning courses in technology, business and creative endeavors – and you can progress through them on your schedule and at your own pace.

Maybe it’s time to move into a new job; the JobNow tool from Brainfuse features live interview coaching, a resume builder and even personality and career assessments to help you chart that path.

Maybe you’d just like to recommit to goals that have slipped over summer. Our librarians would love to help your find the titles that can reinvigorate your reading habit, cook healthier, or get your finances in order.

Why not stop by to make a connection and embrace this fresh-start time of year – the “other” new year?!