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Tutoring at PDL

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If you are looking for tutoring resources for your children, the library is a great place to start.

PDL partners with our local National Honors Society at Plymouth-Canton Educational Park to offer free tutoring in the Teen Lounge for youth in grades 3-12. Currently, they are available on Wednesdays from 6pm – 8pm and Saturdays from 1pm – 3pm, whenever school is in session.

We also offer free, live online tutoring through BrainFuse HelpNow. This resource pairs your child with professional tutors online to review difficult concepts, prepare for tests, and complete homework assignments. Tutors are available between 2pm – 11pm daily. Use your PDL barcode to create your account for free access.

If you decide to work with a private tutor, the library is a great spot to meet up. Private study rooms are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Additional public areas throughout the building can also be conducive to quiet discussion and studying.

If you need help finding additional resources to meet the needs of your students, please reach out to our librarians. We love to help you find what you need!