Beasts Made Of Night – Teen Books & Bites

We’re reading and talking about Beasts Made of Night by Tochi Onyebuchi on Thursday, April 15 at 7PM.

The meeting is virtual, but the books and the bites are real. Sign up today to get your free copy of Beasts Made of Night and snacks.

Fans of fantasy adventures will want to dive into Beasts Made of Night — at just under 300 pages, it delivers lots of action on every page.

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Taj is a talented sin-eater – a dangerous job where he consumes the guilt of the rich and powerful, whose transgressions are erased from their bodies and the marks of their bad deeds are painted onto his own skin. After he eats a monstrous sin of a royal, Taj is drawn into a plot by corrupt officials to destroy his city, and he must fight to save the princess he loves and his own life.