Gamer Declaimer: 2020 video game preview!


There are a ton of highly anticipated video games coming out in 2020. Check our selections below, and start placing some holds!





dreams game cover

Dreams (Rated T): Take the power of creation and imagination from the sleeping world to the digital in Media Molecule’s Dreams. Dreams grants you the powers of a dreamer, with the abilities to sculpt and build the world around you in ways far more detailed and intuitive than ever before. Have problems sculpting, no problem, as a shared database will allow you to easily find models and creations uploaded by other players around the world. Dreams is a game of creation, but also recreation, as you can play the games and levels built by others in addition to your own. While Dreams has been in early access since April of 2019, it’s finally coming to a full release with a campaign and creative modes. (Due out February 14 for the Playstation 4)


animal crossing game cover Animal Crossing : New Horizons (Rated E): Fans of this series have been waiting a long time for a new Animal Crossing game, and finally, our wish has come true with a new installment for the Nintendo Switch. Time to once again enjoy the simple pleasures of making new friends and building a dream home, this time on a deserted tropical island. Recommended for kids of all ages, and adults who need a little low-stress escapism. (Due out March 20 for the Nintendo Switch)


Gods and Monsters: Become a champion of the gods and save the Greek pantheon in Gods and Monsters. Typhon, the legendary father of monsters threatens to destroy the Greek gods with his terrible power, you must explore and battle your way to Typhon in the hopes of saving the world from evil. (Due out late 2020 for the Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, and Xbox One)



watch dogs legion coverWatch Dogs : Legion (Rated M): The third installment in the Watch Dogs series takes the gameplay across the pond to fictionalized London. Take on the surveillance state, and build a resistance movement unlike any Watch Dogs before, with every character in the game as a potential protagonist to recruit to your cause. Prove to the people that DedSec is on their side and bring liberation to the masses. (Due out late 2020 for the Playstation 4 and Xbox One)


doom game coverDoom Eternal (Rated M): Doom is the godfather series that started the FPS genre, and Doom Eternal is going to take the unstoppable Doom Slayer to a never before seen front: Earth. Set two years after the 2016 Doom reboot, this iteration promises exciting gunplay, gratuitous overkill, and a killer soundtrack to boot. Slaughter demons and let the blood flow as you do what you do best. (Due out March 20 for the Playstation 4 and Xbox One)


cyberpunk 2077 coverCyberpunk 2077 (Rated M): Brought to you by CD Projekt, the studio behind the acclaimed Witcher series, comes a sci-fi dystopia like you’ve never seen before. Taking place largely in “Night City,” the game has an element of verticality largely absent from games like the Witcher, with massive skyscrapers and metro systems to explore. As for gameplay, it’s a first-person RPG, though it will have plenty of shooting options with an array of weapons at your disposal. Most importantly it will have a strong story to drive it with choices available to you, and a Keanu Reeves to follow. (Due out September 17 for the Playstation 4 and Xbox One)


last of us part 2 coverThe Last of Us Part II (Rated M): Many of us loved the post-apocalyptic game “The Last of Us” when it came out in 2013. The sequel looks like it will be just as action-packed and emotionally devastating, picking up five years after the events of the first game and focusing on Ellie, now a young adult bent on revenge. Expect an intense and engaging plot and plenty of opportunities for stealth-based combat. (Due out May 29 for the Playstation 4)