Gamer Declaimer: Winter is coming…

december games

Celebrate the arrival of winter with some video games set in cold climates, in this month’s edition of Gamer Declaimer. Stay tuned for our year in review edition later this month!




metro exodus

Metro: Exodus: Escape the Metro beneath Moscow and discover a world changed by the nuclear war, but not destroyed by it. Mutated creatures and psychotic human factions await your arrival and the future of the Spartans is uncertain, but in Russia there is one guarantee, and that’s snow. Xbox One, Playstation 4


skyrimThe Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim: Shout at everything that moves, and probably several things that don’t, as the Dovahkiin (dragon born). Explore the the snowy mountains of the kingdom of Skyrim, and help decide the future of the kingdom’s civil war. Or don’t, there’s more than enough sidequests to keep you entertained, just try not to kill the village chicken (they hate that). Xbox One, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch


god of warGod of War: Snow physics are brought to a whole new level in this reinvention of the classic hack and slash series. But more importantly, Kratos has gods to kill, a son to protect, and actual emotional growth! Bash your way through this adventure and toss around the leviathan axe, it’s way more satisfying than it should be. Playstation 4


uncharted 2Uncharted 2: A blast from the past, this sequel takes Drake to the Himalayas in search of the lost city of Shambala. As you fight off mercenaries and solve a multitude of puzzles, Drake may find that some things become lost for a reason. Playstation 3