Gamer Declaimer: Horror video games!

video games

Everyone knows that libraries carry books and movies, but did you know that we have video games too? Even better, did you know that some of the librarians are gamers themselves? Come see what goes bump in the night in our newly created segment, Gamer Declaimer, where we librarians take part in some gamers’-advisory.



luigi's mansion 3The games in today’s post are all rated Mature, for adult audiences. For younger gamers, place a hold on Luigi’s Mansion 3, coming out on Halloween for the Nintendo Switch!



alien isolationAlien Isolation: The Company, Aliens, and Androids, oh my… With an ambiance that is sure to make fans of the movie proud, or jump, Alien Isolation brings the terror of the first movie under your control. Don’t fight, hide, or maybe just run, because the Xenomorph is coming. (Sci-Fi-Horror Survival) Playstation 4, Xbox One


until dawnUntil Dawn: Do you call out every bad decision in a horror movie and think you have what it takes to survive? Well buckle up, because there’s a killer out there and the clock is ticking. Every choice you make will determine the potentially blood-soaked fate of a group of friends trapped on a mountain resort where death lurks around every corner. (Interactive drama) Playstation 4

controlControl: Do you like the X-Files or the SCP Foundation? Do you maybe also enjoy destroying office supplies? Then this is the game that brings those two loves together. Explore the mysteries of the Oldest House and use your telekinetic powers to toss some office furniture at everything that moves. Our librarian, Katie, gives this a 10/10, would drive to Staples for ammo again. (Third-person shooter) Playstation 4, Xbox One

bloodborneBloodborne: For those lovers of Gothic-Horror, Bloodborne comes ready to slice-and-dice your plans for the day. Created by FromSoftware, the makers of the Souls series, this game will make you question your sanity as visceral horror-monstrosities and random villagers alike work to stop you from ending the hunt that plagues Yharnam. Our librarian, Shelby, played this game and gives it a 10/10, would disembowel again. (A-RPG) Playstation 4

evil within 2The Evil Within 2: Play as Detective Sebastian Castellanos as he goes back into the horror equivalent of the matrix on a mission for his daughter. With enemies that demand nothing but your vigilance, and an ambiance sure to unnerve, this game is not for the unprepared. If you notice a sudden drop of temperature and some creepy singing, don’t fight, hide… because Anima is coming for you. (Horror Survival) Playstation 4, Xbox One