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Science Help for Grades K-6

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General Science Resources

hoberman sphere rings open

  • Nova - Everything from anthropology to absolute zero with lots of pictures and diagrams. A great site for just for the fun of it.
  • Discovery Channel School - including Science Fair Projects - from Animal Planet, TLC and  Discovery Channel programs.
  • Science Daily - Award winning site and an excellent source for finding scientific research of all types. In addition to articles on the research in today's headlines, the site has information going back for 10+ years. Includes images and videos.

Life Sciences


  • NASA - Great place to find photos & info about earth and other planets. Find your grade level or search on a topic. Also look at NASA Kids Club.
  • NOAA - Weather, climate, oceans and space. The National Oceanographic & Atmospheric Administration has it all.
  • Space Adventures - This fun and interactive site gives "my space" a new meaning.

Chemistry & Physics