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Science Help for Grades K-6

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General Science Resources


  • Nova Everything from anthropology to absolute zero with lots of pictures and diagrams. A great site for just for the fun of it.
  • Discovery Channel School - including Science Fair Projects - from Animal Planet, TLC and  Discovery Channel programs. 
  • Science News for Kids - Science Fair projects, lots of info and games!
  • Science Daily - Award winning site and an excellent source for finding scientific research of all types. In addition to articles on the research in today's headlines, the site has information going back for 10+ years. Includes images and videos.

    Life Sciences

  • Mind and Body - BBC site with videos, interactive games and lots of cool info about how people's brains and bodies work.
  • Parts of the Brain - Some useful information and lots of links to facts and activities on your brain.
  • Kids Health - Find answers to questions kids have about their bodies, feelings and other important stuff.
  • Molecular Biology Interactive Games and lots of info about DNA and other useful cells.
  • Cells Alive - Watch mitosis and meiosis on the cell cams.
  • Watch baby chicks hatch!Watch baby chicks hatch! The 4-H & the University of Nebraska bring you egg-cam and step-by-step instructions on how baby chicks hatch.
  • Biomes of the WorldAfter you visit the virtual biomes, you can see the real thing at Matthaei Botanical Gardens on Dixboro Rd.

    Earth and Environment

  • Eco Kids Check out Ecokids for games and homework help.
  • EPA Kids Check out the games and activities for young environmentalists.
  • Being Green at School Join the the Natural Resources Defense Council's Green Squad to find out how to make your school a healthier place for students and the environment.
  • Scholastic Environmental Explorations
    Kids, here's your chance to give grades (instead of getting them.) Check out the Kids Environmental Report Card. Vote for
  • Kids Planet Be a wildlife defender, play games and learn cool stuff at
  • Smokey the Bear Play games with Smokey the Bear and learn about protecting the forest.

  • Space

  • NASA Great place to find photos & info about earth and other planets. Find your grade level or search on a topic. Also look at NASA Kids Science News Network.
  • NOAAWeather, climate, oceans and space. The National Oceanographic & Atmospheric Administration has it all.
  • Space Adventures This fun and interactive site gives "my space" a new meaning.
  • Chemistry & Physics

  • Playing with Time Check out the blink of an eye at the molecular level in micro seconds or watch a skyscraper be built in less than a minute.
  • WebElements - Periodic Table of the Elements Includes drawings of the structure of the element. Or check out Chemical
  • Chem 4 Kids Includes experiments, worksheets and how-to instructions.
  • PhysicsThis is the first stop for anything related to physics - Search thousands of other web sites by topic and age level. And lots of cool videos, experiments and interactive activities.
  • Strange Matter Get inside everyday stuff.