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Youth Homework Help

Math Homework Help


  • Fun Brain - Check out the math games and the other cool brain games for grades K-6!

  • provides high resolution printable multiplication charts. Each type of chart has different versions with products from 1-81, 1-100, 1-144 and 1-225. All of these charts are powerful ways to visualize and memorize the multiplication table..

  • - Interactive games and math activities for K-8 students.

  • Math Central  - Grades K-12 math education Web site with links to math resources, answers to quandaries and queries about math. 

  • Practice Skills & Tests  - Students from elementary school to college can practice math skills and take online tests. If you have a Plymouth library card, visit Learning Express Library. All Michigan residents can visit Learning Express Library at Michigan eLibrary (


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Science Help for Grades K-6

General      Life Sciences      Earth/Environmental      Space     Chemistry & Physics

General Science Resources

hoberman sphere rings open

  • Nova Everything from anthropology to absolute zero with lots of pictures and diagrams. A great site for just for the fun of it.
  • Discovery Channel School - including Science Fair Projects - from Animal Planet, TLC and  Discovery Channel programs.
  • Science Daily - Award winning site and an excellent source for finding scientific research of all types. In addition to articles on the research in today's headlines, the site has information going back for 10+ years. Includes images and videos.

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Social Studies Help for Grades K-6

Looking for information on Social Studies topics?  Check out these online sources.

Daily Life through History (Available in library only) An electronic encyclopedia of images, articles, and timelines, which explore how earlier people lived around the world. (Recommended for middle earthcloud cover 2and high school students.)

New York Times "All the news that's fit to print" since 1851. And the chance to "ask a reporter" about the news of the day.

Time for Kids - Includes a little bit of everything - the current issue of TIME written for 3 different reading levels (K-1, 2-3 & 4-6) and links to faraway places, and social studies homework help.

National Geographic for Kids - Browse the stories or seach for information on a particular place. Lots of good archaeology stories.

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English Language Arts Grades K-6

Where to find books for children ...

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