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Youth Booklists


Sleepy Time Olie
by William Joyce
Picture Books JOY

Rodney the Inventor
by Scout Driggs
Picture Books ROB

Liliput 5357
by Stefan Czernecki
Picture Books CZE

Baby Brains and RoboMom
by Simon James
Picture Books JAM

Robots Everywhere
by Denny Hebson
Picture Books HEB

Hello, Robots
by Bob Staake
Picture Books STA

The Trouble with Sisters and Robots
by Steve Gritton
Picture Books GRI

Our Friends the Robots
by Kirsten Mayer
Picture Books AST

by Aaron Reynolds
Picture Books REY

Oh No!, or, How My Science Project
Destroyed the World

by Mac Barnett
Picture Books BAR

Robots Slither
by Ryan Ann Hunter
Picture Books HUN

Mama Robot
by Davide Cali
Picture Books CAL

The Robot and the Bluebird
by David Lucas
Picture Books LUC

Lots of Bots
by Kiki Thorpe
Picture Books DIS

WALL-E!: Rogue Robots!
by Jillian Joy Samuels
Picture Books DIS

Robot Zot!
by Jon Scieszka
Picture Books SCI

Wendel’s Workshop
by Chris Riddell
Picture Books RID

Wodney Wat’s Wobot
by Helen Lester
Picture Books LES

by Katie Van Camp
Picture Books VAN




Parents Helping Children with School

 Preschool and Kindergarten

Helping Your Preschool Child: with Activities for Children from Infancy through age 5
by U.S. Dept. of Ed.
Parent/Teacher J372 N

How to Prepare Your Child for Kindergarten by Florence Karnofsky
Parent/Teacher Shelves J372.218 K

Between the Lions Book for Parents by Linda K. Rath
Parent/Teacher Shelves J372.4 R

Helping Your Child Become a Reader: with Activities for Children from Infancy through age 6
by U.S. Dept. of Ed.
Parent/Teacher J372 N

The Read Aloud Handbook by Jim Trelease
Parent/Teacher Shelves J011.628 T

The Kindergarten Survival Handbook
by Allana Cummings Evolson
Parent/Teacher Shelves J649.68 E

Everything Your Kindergartner Needs to Know
by Daniel Van Beek
Parent/Teacher Shelves J372.19 M

What Your Kindergartner Needs to Know: Preparing your Child for a Lifetime of Learning
by E.D. Hirsch
Parent/Teacher Shelves J372.19 H


First to Third Grades

The New Public School Parent: How to Get the Best Education
for Your Elementary School Child

by Bob Chase
Parent/Teacher J370.193 C

Everything Your First Grader Needs to Know
by Laura Tyle
Parent/Teacher Shelves J372.19 M

Everything Your Second Grader Needs to Know
by Elena Arrigo
Parent/Teacher Shelves J372.19 M

Everything Your Third Grader Needs to Know
by Micki Pflug
Parent/Teacher Shelves J372.19 M


How is My Second Grader Doing in School? What to Expect & How to Help
by Jennifer Jacobson
Parent/Teacher Shelves J372.19 J

Games for Learning: 10 Minutes a Day to help your Child do Well in School
by Peggy Kaye
Adult Non-Fiction 372.13 K

101 Educational Conversations with Your Kindergartner-1st Grader
by Vito Perrone
Parent/Teacher Shelves J372.19 P


Fourth to Eighth Grades

Everything Your Fourth Grader Needs to Know
by Robert Roth
Parent/Teacher Shelves J372.19 M

Everything Your Fifth Grader Needs to Know
by Kathleen Ermitage
Parent/Teacher Shelves J372.19 M

Everything Your Sixth Grader Needs to Know
by Carol Carton
Parent/Teacher Shelves J372.19 M

101 Educational Conversations with Your 4th Grader
by Vito Perrone
Parent/Teacher Shelves J372.19 P

101 Educational Conversations with Your 5th Grader
by Vito Perrone
Parent/Teacher Shelves J372.19 P

All Grades

Helping Your Child with Homework: For Parents of Children in Elementary through Middle School
Parent/Teacher Shelves J372 N

The Complete IEP Guide: How to Advocate for Your Special Ed Child
by Lawrence Siegel
Adult Non-Fiction 371.9 S

The New Public School Parent: How to Get the Best Education for Your Elementary School Child
by Bob Chase with Bob Katz
Parent/Teacher Shelves J370.193 C

Adventuring with Books: A Booklist for Pre-K - Grade 6
by National Council of Teachers
Parent/Teacher J011.62 N

Check out parents' resources at Plymouth-Canton Community Schools.
Picture Books

Always and Forever by Alan Durant
Picture Books DUR
A family of forest animals learns to cope with the death of a loved one.

And what Comes After a Thousand?
by Anette Bley
Picture Books BLE
A little girl comes to understand that memories live beyond death.

Anna's Corn by Barbara Santucci
Picture Books SAN
Planting corn her grandfather left her helps Anna to remember him.

The Cat Next Door by Betty Ren Wrigth
Picture Books WRI
After Grandma dies the annual visit to her summer cabin is not the same.

Fox Song by Joseph Bruchac
Picture Books BRU
After the death of her Indian great-grandmother, Jamie remembers the many speical things about her.

The Granddad Tree by Trish Cooke
Picture Book Shelves COO
The changing nature of their apple tree, as it grows and goes through the seasons, reminds Leigh and Vin of their grandfather.

I Remember Miss Perry by Pat Brisson
Picture Book Shelves BRI

When his teacher, Miss Perry, is killed in a car accident, Stevie and his elementary school classmates take turns sharing memories of her.

In the Piney Woods By Roni Schotter
Picture Book Shelves SCH
Grandpa and his granddaughter spend his last summer visiting and enjoying the pine woods near their house.

Liplap’s Wish By Jonathan London
Picture Book Shelves LON
As he builds a snowbunny, Liplap feels something is missing and wishes his grandmother was with him.

The Memory String by Eve Bunting
Picture Book BUN
While still grieving for her mother and unable to accept her stepmother, a girl clings to the memories represented by forty-three buttons on a string.

My Grandma Leonie by Bijou Le Tord
Picture Books LET
A child describes all the things she did with her grandmother and how she felt when her grandmother died.

Nana Upstairs and Nana Downstairs
by Tommie De Paolo
Picture Books DEP
A small boy enjoys his relationship with his grandmother and his great-grandmother, but he learns to face their inevitable death.

Old Pig by Margaret Wild
Picture Books WIL
Because Old Pig knows that her time to die is near, she takes a slow walk with Granddaughter for one last time.

The Purple Ballonby Chris Raschka
Picture Books RAS
Discusses how good it is that so many people help when a person dies, from medical staff to clergy, friends and family.

Rudi’s Pond by Eve Bunting
Picture Books BUN

When a sick boy dies, his friends and classmates remember him by building a schoolyard pond in his memory.

Sophie by Mem Fox
Picture Books FOX
As Sophie grows bigger and her grandfather gets smaller, they continue to love each other very much.

A Story for Hippo: A book about loss By Simon Puttock
Picture Books PUT
Hippo and Monkey are best friends and when the wise old Hippo dies, Monkey remembers stories about Hippo.

That Summer By Tony Johnston
Picture Books JOH
A family, including a child who is dying, sews together a quilt of memories and love.

Thank you, Grandpa By Lynn Plourde
Picture Books PLO
On her many walks with her grandfather, a young girl learns to appreciate life and deal with death.

The Wishing Tree By Roseanne Thong
Picture Books THO
Ming remembers his grandmother and their lunar New Year traditions.

Picture Books - Loss of a Pet

The Berenstain Bears Lose a Friend by Stan and Jan Berenstain
Picture Books BER

The Best Cat in the World by Leslea Newman
Picture Books NEW

Dribbles by Connie Heckert
Picture Books HEC

The Forever Dog by Bill Cochran
Picture Books COC

Goodbye Mitch by Ruth Wallace-Brodeur
Picture Books WAL

Goodbye, Mousieby Robie Harris
Picture Books HAR

Jim's Dog Muffins by Miriam Cohen
Picture Books COH

Saying Goodbye to Lulu by Corrinne Demas
Picture Books DEM

Sammy in the Sky by Barbara Walsh
Picture Books WAL

Toby by Margaret Wild
Picture Books WIL

Picture Books in Parent/Teacher Collection

My Grandfather's House by Bruce Coville
Parent/Teacher Shelves JE/COV

Where Do People Go When They Die? by Mindy Avra Portnoy
Parent/Teacher Shelves JE/POR

I Had a Friend Named Peter: talking to children about the death of a friend by Janice Cohn
Parent/Teacher Shelves JE/C

Is Grandpa Wearing a Suit? by Amelie Fried
Parent/Teacher Shelves JE/FRI

Molly's Rosebush by Janice Cohn
Parent/Teacher Shelves JE/C

Samantha Jane's Missing Smile: A story about coping with the loss of a parentby Julie Kaplow
Parent/Teacher Shelves JE/KAP

Saying Goodbye to Daddy by Judith Vigna
Parent/Teacher Shelves JE/V

Where Are You? A Child's Book About Loss by Laura Olivieri
Parent/Teacher Shelves JE/O

Heavenby Nicholas Allen
Parent/Teacher Shelves JE/A

Non-Fiction Books abut Grief, Death and Loss

A Candle for Grandpa: A Guide to the Jewish Funeral for Children and Parents by David Techner
Youth Non-Fiction J393.23 T

Children Also Grieve: Talking About Death and Healing by Linda Goldman
Youth Non-Fiction J155.937 G

Coping When A Parent Dies by Janet Grosshandler
Youth Non-Fiction J155.937 G

Coping with Grieving and Loss by Sandra Giddens
Youth Non-Fiction J152.4 G

Dealing with Terminal Illness in the Family by Heather Lehr Wagner
Youth Non-Fiction J155.937 W

Dealing with the loss of a loved one By Sara L Latta
Youth Non-fiction J155.937 L

Death and dying By Pete Sanders
Youth Non-fiction J155.937 S

Don’t Despair on Thursday By Adolph Moser
Youth Non-fiction J152.4 M

The fall of Freddie the leaf: a story of life for all ages By Leo Buscaglia
Youth Non-fiction J 155.937 B

I Miss You: A First Look at Deathby Pat Thomas
Youth Non-Fiction J155.937 T

Jungle Journey by Barbara Betker McIntyre
Youth Non-Fiction J155.937 M

Lost and Found: A Kid's Book for Living through Loss by Marc Gellman
Youth Non-Fiction J152.4 G

Meeting Deathby Margaret O. Hyde
Youth Non-Fiction J155.937 H

Remembering Mama By Dara Dokas
Youth Non-Fiction J152.4 D

What’s Heaven? By Maria Shriver Youth Non-fiction
J155.937 S

When Dinosaurs Die: a guide to understanding death By Laurence Krasny Brown and Marc Brown
Youth Non-fiction J155.937 B

When I die, will I get better? By Joeri Brebaart
Youth Non-fiction J155.937 B

When someone dies By Sharon Greenlee
Youth Non-fiction J155.937 G

Why do People Die? Helping your Child Understand By Cynthia MacGregor
Youth Non-fiction J155.937 M

Non-Fiction: Loss of a Pet

Remembering Pets: A Book for Children Who Have Lost a Special Friend By Gina Delpra-Berman
Youth Non-fiction J155.937 D

When a Pet Dies By Fred Rogers
Youth Non-fiction J155.937 R

Non-Fiction: Parent/Teacher Collection

Lifetimes: The beautiful way to explain death to children By Bryan Mellonie
Parent/teacher Shelves J 155.937 M

Healing a Child’s Grieving Heart: 100 Practical Ideas for Families, Friends & Caregivers By Alan Wolfelt
Parent/teacher Shelves J155.9 W

Help Me Say Goodbye: Activities for helping kids cope when someone special dies By Janis Silverman
Parent/teacher Shelves J155.937 S

Sad Isn’t Bad: a Good-Grief Guidebook for Kids Dealing with Loss By Michaelene Mundy
Parent/teacher shelves J155.937 M

Adult Non-Fiction

Guiding your child through grief By Mary Ann Emswiler
Adult Non-fiction 155.937 E

The grieving child By Helen Fitzgerald
Adult Non-fiction 155.937 F




Alphasaurus and other prehistoric types
by Sharon Werner and Sarah Forss
Youth New Book Shelves-
Picture Book WER

    Dinosaur Zoom!
by Penny Dale
Youth New Book Shelves-
Picture Book DAL

Bang! Boom! Roar! A Busy Crew of Dinosaurs
Youth New Book Shelves-
Picture Book EVA

    The great egg hunt
by Craig Bartlett
Picture Book BAR
  Creature Count: A PreHistoric Rhyme
by Brenda Huante
Youth New Book Shelves-
Picture Book HUA
    Harry and the dinosaurs go to school
by Ian Whybrow
Picture Book WHY

Dancing with the Dinosaurs
by Jane Clarke
Picture Book CLA


How do dinosaurs say I love you?
by Jane Yolen
Picture Books YOL

  Dear Tyrannosaurus Rex
by Lisa McClatchy
Picture Book MCC

I speak Dinosaur
by Jed Henry
Youth New Book Shelves- Picture Book HEN


Dino Bites!
by Algy Hall
Youth New Book Shelvs- Picture Book HAL

    The littlest dinosaur's big adventure
by Michael Foreman
Picture Book FOR
by Lisa Wheeler
Youth New Book Shelves-
Picture Book WHE

Princess Dinosaur
by Jill Kastner
Picture Book KAS


Dino pets go to school
by Lynn Plourde
Picture Book PLO


The Really, Really, Really Big Dinosaur
by Richard Byrne
Picture Book BYR


Dinosaur Countdown
by Nicholas Oldland
Youth New Book Shelves-
Picture Book  OLD


Three Little Dinosaurs
by Charles Fuge
Youth New Book Shelves- Picture Book FUG


Dinosaur Dig
by Dale Penny
Picture Book PEN


The Three Triceratops Tuff
by Stephen Shaskan
Youth New Book Shelves- SHA


Dinosaur Starts School
by Pamela Duncan
Picture Book DUN


Too many Dinosaurs
by Mercer Mayer
Youth New Book Shelves- Picture Book MAY


Dinosaur Thunder
by Marion Dane Bauer
Picture Book BAU


The Ugly Duckling Dinosaur : a Prehistoric Tale
by Cheryl Bardoe
Picture Book BAR

Picture Book SHE
    Where to look for a Dinosaur
by Bernard Most
Picture Book MOS

by Deb Lund
Picture Book LUN


    Where's the Dionosaur?
by Keith Moseley
Youth New Book Shevles- Picture Book  MOS


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