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Picture Books About Trains
Nonfiction Books About Trains

Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends
created by Rev. W. Awdry
This series can be found in  Picture Books AWD

And the Train Goes-
by William Bee
Picture Books BEE

The Train to Timbuctoo
by Margaret Wise Brown
Picture Books BRO

Choo Choo: The Story of a Little Engine Who Ran Away
by Virginia Lee Burton
Picture Books BUR

Freight Train
by Donald Crews
Picture Book CRE

William & the Night Train
by Mij Kelly
Picture Books KEL

by Barbara Lehman
New Picture Books LEH

C is for Caboose: Riding the Rails from A to Z
Picture Books TOD

All Aboard Dinotrain
by Deb Lund
Picture Books LUN

The Little Engine That Could
retold by Watty Piper
Picture Books PIP

Train Song
by Diane Siebert
Picture Books SIE

The Goodnight Train
by June Sobel
Picture Books SOB

by Hal Rogers
J 625.1 R

by Ray Broekel
J 625.1 B

by Lynn Curlee
J 625.1 C

by Anne Rockwell
J 625.1 R

Seymour Simon’s Book of Trains
by Seymour Simon
J 625.1 S

Freight Trains
by Peter Brady
J 625.2 B

Diesel Locomotives
by Lynn M. Stone
J 625.26 S

Freight Trains
by Lynn M. Stone
J 625.26 S

Steam Locomotives
by Lynn M. Stone
J 625.26 S

The World's Fastest Trains
by Terri Sievert
J 385 S








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