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Foreign Language Movies


Das Boot - Foreign DAS

The Edukators - Foreign EDU

Good Bye Lenin! - Foreign GOO

The Lives of Others - Foreign LIV

M - Foreign M

Run Lola Run - Foreign RUN

Sophie Scholl: The Final Days - Foreign SOP

The White Ribbon - Foreign WHI



L'Avventura - Foreign AVV

Bicycle Thieves - Foreign BIC

Cinema Paradiso - Foreign CIN

La Dolce Vita - Foreign DOL

Life is Beautiful - Foreign LIF

Nights of Cabiria - Foreign NIG



Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon - Foreign CRO

Farewell My Concubine - Foreign FAR

House of Flying Daggers - Foreign HOU

Infernal Affairs - Foreign INF

Raise the Red Lantern - Foreign RAI

Shaolin Soccer - Foreign SHA



Fanny and Alexander - Foreign FAN

The Seventh Seal - Foreign SEV

Wild Strawberries - Foreign WIL


Amelie - Foreign AME

Breathless - Foreign BRE

Diabolique - Foreign DIA

Elevator to the Gallows - Foreign ELE

The 400 Blows - Foreign FOU

Grand Illusion - Foreign GRA

Jules et Jim - Foreign JUL

Shoot the Piano Player - Foreign SHO

The Umbrellas of Cherbourg - Foreign UMB

War Witch - Foreign WAR



Departures - Foreign DEP

I Wish - Foreign I

Jiro Dreams of Sushi - Foreign JIR

Ran - Foreign RAN

Rashomon - Foreign RAS

Seven Samurai - Foreign SEV



All About My Mother - Foreign ALL

Biutiful - Foreign BIU

Like Water for Chocolate - Foreign LIK

Maria Full of Grace - Foreign MAR

Pan's Labyrinth - Foreign PAN

Rec - Foreign REC

Sin Nombre - Foreign SIN

Talk to Her - Foreign TAL

Y Tu Mama Tambien - Foreign Y