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War Movies

American Revolution

The Crossing - TV CRO

John Adams - TV JOH

The Patriot - Adventure PAT


Civil War

Gettysburg - Drama GET

Glory - Drama GLO

Gods and Generals - Drama GOD

Lincoln - Drama LIN

The Red Badge of Courage - Drama RED


World War I

All Quiet on the Western Front - Drama ALL

A Farewell to Arms - Drama FAR

Grand Illusion - Foreign GRA

The Fighting 69th - Drama FIG

Joyeux Noel - Foreign MER

A Very Long Engagement - Foreign VER

War Horse - Adventure WAR

Wings - Drama WIN


World War II and the Holocaust

Band of Brothers - TV BAN

The Best Years of Our Lives - Drama BES 

Das Boot (1981)- Foreign BOO

The Bridge on the River Kwai - Adventure BRI

Defiance - Drama DEF

The Dirty Dozen - Adventure DIR

Downfall - Foreign DOW

Enemy at the Gates - Adventure ENE

Inglorious Basterds - Adventure ING

Letters From Iwo Jima - Drama LET

Life is Beautiful - Foreign LIF

Midway - Drama MID

Mister Roberts - Comedy MIS

Run Silent, Run Deep - Drama RUN

The Pacific - TV PAC

Patton - Drama PAT

The Pianist - Drama PIA

Saving Private Ryan - Drama SAV

Schindler's List - Drama SCH

Stalingard - Foreign STA

The Thin Red Line - Adventure THI

Tora! Tora! Tora! - Adventure TOR

Windtalkers - Adventure WIN


Vietnam War

Apocalypse Now - Adventure APO
The Deer Hunter - Drama DEE
Full Metal Jacket - Drama FUL
Platoon - Drama PLA
The Quiet American - Drama QUI
We Were Soldiers - Drama WE


Afghanistan and Iraq

Brothers - Drama BRO

Green Zone - Adventure GRE

The Hurt Locker - Drama HUR

Lions for Lambs - Suspense LIO

The Messenger - Drama MES

No End in Sight - Documentary NO

Restrepo - Documentary RES

Stop-Loss - Drama STO

Turtles Can Fly - Foreign TUR