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Comic Book and Graphic Novel Adaptations

30 Days of Night - Sci/Fi Horror THI

300 - Advenutre THR

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter - SciFi/Horror ABR

The Amazing Spider-Man - Adventure AMA

American Splendor - Comedy AME

Annie - Musicals ANN

Art School Confidential - Comedy ART

The Avengers - Adventure AVE

Batman - Adventure BAT

Batman Begins - Adventure BAT

Blade - SciFi/Horror BLA

Captain America - Adventure CAP

Cowboys & Aliens - SciFi/Horror COW

The Crow - Adventure CRO

Daredevil - Adventure DAR

The Dark Knight - Adventure DAR

Dick Tracy - Adventure DIC

Elektra - Adventure ELE

Fantastic Four - Adventure FAN

Ghost World - Comedy GHO

Green Hornet - Adventure GRE

Green Lantern - Adventure GRE

Hellboy - Adventure HEL

A History of Violence - Suspense HIS

The Incredible Hulk - Adventure INC

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen - Adventure LEA

The Mask - Comedy MAS

Men in Black - SciFi/Horror MEN

Persepolis - Foreign PER

Red - Adventure RED

Road to Perdition - Drama ROA

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World - Adventure SCO

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For - Adventure SIN

Spiderman - Adventure SPI

Superman - Adventure SUP

Thor - Adventure THO

V for Vendetta - Adventure V (featured with Watchmen)

Wanted - Adventure WAN

Watchmen - Adventure WAT

X-Men - Adventure X