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High School Movies

American Graffiti - Comedy AME

American Pie - Comedy AME

American Teen - Documentary AME

Back to the Future - Adventure BAC

Better Off Dead - Comedy BET

The Breakfast Club - Comedy BRE

Brick - Suspense BRI

Bye Bye Birdie - Musicals BYE

Can't Hardly Wait - Comedy CAN

Carrie - SciFi/Horror CAR

Clueless - Comedy CLU

Dazed and Confused - Comedy DAZ

Dead Poet's Society - Drama DEA

Donnie Darko - SciFi/Horror DON

Easy A - Comedy EAS

Election - Comedy ELE

Elephant - Drama ELE

Fame - Musicals FAM

Fast Times at Ridgemont High - Comedy FAS

Ferris Bueller's Day Off - Comedy FER

Footloose - Musicals FOO

Freedom Writers - Drama FRE

Friday Night Lights - Drama FRI

Ghost World - Comedy GHO

Grease - Musicals GRE

Heathers - Comedy HEA

Hoosiers - Drama HOO

Juno - Comedy JUN

The Last Picture Show - Drama LAS

Mean Girls - Comedy MEA

Napoleon Dynamite - Comedy NAP

Never Been Kissed - Comedy NEV

Peggy Sue Got Married - Comedy PEG

Pretty in Pink - Comedy PRE

Rebel Without a Cause - Drama REB

Risky Business - Comedy RIS

Rock 'n Roll High School - Comedy ROC

Romy and Michele's High School Reunion - Comedy ROM

Rushmore - Comedy RUS

Saved! - Comedy SAV

Say Anything - Drama SAY

Scream - SciFi/Horror SCR

Sixteen Candles - Comedy SIX

Splendor in the Grass - Drama SPL

Stand and Deliver - Drama STA

Superbad - Comedy SUP

Teen Wolf - Comedy TEE

Ten Things I Hate About You - Comedy TEN

To Sir, With Love - Drama TO

The Virgin Suicides - Drama VIR