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GTLBQ Characters and Themes


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Barnes, John. Tales of the Madman Underground: An Historical Romance, 1973 
In September 1973, as the school year begins in his depressed Ohio town, high-school senior Kurt Shoemaker determines to be "normal," despite his chaotic home life with his volatile, alcoholic mother and the deep loyalty and affection he has for his friends in the therapy group dubbed the Madman Underground.

Bauer, Marion Dane , ed. Am I Blue? Coming Out from the Silence.
A collection of short stories about homosexuality by such authors as Bruce Coville, M.E. Kerr, William Sleator, and Jane Yolen.

JBeam, Cris. I am J 
J, who feels like a boy mistakenly born as a girl, runs away from his best friend who has rejected him and the parents he thinks do not understand him when he finally decides that it is time to be who he really is.

Belge, Kathy and Marke Bieschke. Queer : the ultimate LGBT guide for teens
A guide that helps LGBT teens come out to friends and family, navigate their new LGBT social life, figure out if a crush is also queer, and rise up against bigotry and homophobia.

Block, Francesca Lia.  Dangerous Angels: The Weetzie Bat Books   
A collection of the five Weetzie Bat books all set in a surreal, mythical Los Angeles, these urban fairy tales are populated by funky LA characters, with names like Cherokee Bat, My Secret Agent Lover Man and Slinkster Dog who lacking families, make them where they can.

Burd, Nick. The Vast Fields of Ordinary
The summer after graduating from an Iowa high school, eighteen-year-old Dade Hamilton watches his parents' marriage disintegrate, ends his long-term, secret relationship, comes out of the closet, and savors first love.

Cart, Michael. How Beautiful the Ordinary: Twelve Stories of Identity  
Twelve stories by contemporary, award-winning young adult authors, some presented in graphic or letter format, explore themes of gender identity, love, and sexuality.

perksChbosky, Stephen.  The Perks of Being a Wallflower
A coming of age novel about Charlie, a freshman in high school who is a wallflower, shy and introspective, and very intelligent. He deals with the usual teen problems, but also with the suicide of his best friend.

Crutcher, Chirs . Ironman/
While training for a triathlon, seventeen-year-old Bo attends an anger management group at school which leads him to examine his relationship with his father and helps him deal with the knowledge that his swim coach is gay.

Davis, Tanita S. Happy Families
In alternating chapters, sixteen-year-old twins Ysabel and Justin share their conflicted feelings as they struggle to come to terms with their father's decision to dress as a woman.

tessaFranklin, Emily and Brendan Halpin. Tessa Masterson Will Go to the Prom
Feeling humiliated and confused when his best friend Tessa rejects his love and reveals a long-held secret, high school senior Luke must decide if he should stand by Tessa when she invites a female date to the prom, sparking a firestorm of controversy in their small Indiana town.

Garden, Nancy . Annie on My Mind.
Liza puts aside her feelings for Annie after the disaster at school, but eventually she allows love to triumph over the ignorance of people.

Garden, Nancy . Good Moon Rising.
Jan begins her senior year of high school not expecting that she will lose the starring part in the school play, take over as director when her beloved drama teacher becomes ill, and realize that she is a lesbian.

George, Madeleine. The Difference Between You and Me
School outsider Jesse, a lesbian, is having secret trysts with Emily, the popular student council vice president, but when they find themselves on opposite sides of a major issue and Jesse becomes more involved with a student activist, they are forced to make a difficult decision.

Green, John and David Levithan. Will Grayson, Will Grayson 
When two teens, one gay and one straight, meet accidentally and discover that they share the same name, their lives become intertwined as one begins dating the other's best friend, who produces a play revealing his relationship with them both.

Hartinger, Brent. Split Screen
Two books in one tell of sixteen-year-old friends Russel, who is gay, and Min, who is bisexual, as they face separate romantic troubles while working as extras on the set of a horror movie.

Howe, James. Totally Joe
As a school assignment, a thirteen-year-old boy writes an alphabiography--life from A to Z--and explores issues of friendship, family, school, and the challenges of being a gay teenager.

Hyde, Catherine Ryan. Jumpstart the World 
Sixteen-year-old Elle falls in love with Frank, the neighbor who helps her adjust to being on her own in a big city, but learning that he is transgendered turns her world upside-down.

Johnson, Kathleen Jeffries. Target
Why had the men chosen him? Savagely violated by two strangers, sixteen-year-old Grady West retreats into silence. Some hells just can't be shared. Searing and powerful, Target shows that people can go through unspeakable things and emerge whole-- and sometimes your friends can save you.

Johnson, Maureen. The Bermudez Triangle
The friendship of three high school girls and their relationships with their friends and families are tested when two of them fall in love with each other.

Jones, Carrie. Tips on Having a Gay (Ex) Boyfriend
Belle is a high school junior who expects to marry her long-term boyfriend one day, until he tells her and their entire small Maine town that he is gay, and both face prejudice and violence even as they enter new relationships and try to remain friends.

yearKluger, Steve.  My Most Excellent Year:  A Novel of Love, Mary Poppins, & Fenway Park 
Three teenagers in Boston narrate their experiences of a year of new friendships, first loves, and coming into their own.  “A fun, feel-good story with star quality”- School Library Journal

Levithan, David. Boy Meets Boy
In this hate free world and high school the gay kids and the straight kids all get along just fine; it’s all right for the quarterback to be a cross dresser named Infinite Darlene and the cheerleaders ride Harleys into the pep rally. Still the road to true love is a strange and winding path; as Paul discovers when he meets the boy of his dreams.

Levithan, David.  Wide Awake  
In the not-too-distant future, when a gay Jewish man is elected president of the United States, sixteen-year-old Duncan examines his feelings for his boyfriend, his political and religious beliefs, and tries to determine his rightful place in the world.

Liebermann, Leanne.  Gravity  
Afraid that there is no way to be both gay and Jewish, Ellie Gold, an orthodox Jewish teenager feels forced to either alter her sexuality or leave her Jewish community until her mother and sister offer alternative concepts of God that help Ellie find a place for herself.

Mastoon, Adam . The Shared Heart: Portraits and Stories Celebrating Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Young People.
Collection of interviews with gays, lesbians, and bisexuals.

Myracle, Lauren. Kissing Kate
Sixteen-year-old Lissa's relationship with her best friend changes after they kiss at a party and Lissa does not know what to do, until she gets help from an unexpected new friend.

shineMyracle, Lauren. Shine
When her best friend falls victim to a vicious hate crime, sixteen-year-old Cat sets out to discover the culprits in her small North Carolina town.

Peck, Dale.  Sprout or My Salad Days When I was Green in Judgement  
Moving from Long Island to Kansas after his mother dies; Daniel "Sprout" Bradford is surprised to find new friends, a fascinating landscape, and romantic love.

Peters, Julie Anne. Luna
Fifteen-year-old Regan's life, which has always revolved around keeping her older brother Liam's transsexuality a secret, changes when Liam decides to start the process of "transitioning" by first telling his family and friends that he is a girl who was born in a boy's body.

Peters, Julie Anne. Between Mom and Jo
Fourteen-year-old Nick has a three-legged dog named Lucky 2, some pet fish, and two mothers, whose relationship complicates his entire life as they face prejudice, work problems, alcoholism, cancer, and finally separation.

Ryan, Sara . Empress of the World.
While attending a summer institute, fifteen-year-old Nic meets another girl named Battle, falls in love with her, and finds the relationship to be difficult and confusing.

Ryan, P.E. Saints of Augustine
In St. Augustine, Florida, former best friends Charlie Perrin and Sam Findley, now both sixteen, come to realize that their friendship is the only thing that will keep them afloat when each of their worlds is turned upside down through death, divorce, and the seemingly out-of-control direction of their lives.

St. James, James. Freak Show
Having faced teasing that turned into a brutal attack, Christianity expressed as persecution, and the loss of his only real friend when he could no longer keep his crush under wraps, seventeen-year-old Billy Bloom, a drag queen, decides the only to become fabulous again is to run for Homecoming Queen at his elite, private school near Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Sanchez, Alex . Rainbow Boys
Three high school seniors, a jock with a girlfriend and an alcoholic father, a closeted gay, and a flamboyant gay rights advocate, struggle with family issues, gay bashers, first sex, and conflicting feelings about each other.

Summer, Jane, ed. Not the Only One: Lesbian and Gay Fiction for Teens

Trueman, Terry. Seven Days at the Hot Corner
Varsity baseball player Scott Latimer struggles with his own prejudices and those of others when his best friend reveals that he is gay.

Volponi, Paul.  Crossing Lines
High school senior Adonis struggles to do the right thing when his fellow football players escalate their bullying of a new classmate, Alan, who is transgendered.

Wilson, Martin. What They Always Tell Us 
Sixteen-year-old Alex feels so disconnected from his friends that he starts his junior year at a Tuscaloosa, Alabama, high school by attempting suicide, but soon, a friend of his older brother draws him into cross-country running and a new understanding of himself.

Wittlinger, Ellen . Hard Love
After starting to publish a zine in which he writes his secret feelings about his lonely life and his parents' divorce, sixteen-year-old John meets an unusual girl and begins to develop a healthier personality.

Wittlinger, Ellen. Parrotfish
Grady, a transgendered high school student, yearns for acceptance by his classmates and family as he struggles to adjust to his new identity as a male.

Woodson, Jacqueline . From the Notebooks of Melanin Sun
Fourteen-year-old Melanin Sun's comfortable, quiet life is shattered when his mother reveals she has fallen in love with a woman.

Woodson, Jacqueline . The House You Pass on the Way.
When fourteen-year-old Staggerlee, the daughter of a racially mixed marriage, spends a summer with her cousin Trout, she begins to question her sexuality to Trout and catches a glimpse of her possible future self.



The Courage to be Yourself : True Stories by Teens About Cliques, Conflicts, and Overcoming Peer Pressure / Al Desetta

GLBTQ: The Survival Guide for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning Teens / Kelly Huegel

Hear Me Out: True Stories of Teens Educating and Confronting Homophobia: A Project of Planned Parenthood of Toronto edited by Frances Rooney

Hear Us Out!: Lesbian and Gay Stories of Struggle, Progress and Hope, 1950 to the Present / Nancy Garden

Hello Cruel World: 101 Alternatives to Suicide for Teens, Freaks & Other Outlaws / Kate Bornstein    
An unconventional approach to the prevention of teenage suicide offers a variety of alternatives to help teens cope with life and survive

It Gets Better: Coming Out, Overcoming Bullying, and Creating a Life Worth Living / edited by Dan Savage and Terry Miller

The Journey Out: A Guide For and About Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Teens/ Rachel Pollack

Queer: The Ultimate LGBT Guide for Teens / Kathy Belge

Two Teenagers in Twenty: Writings by Gay and Lesbian Youth  / Ann Heron

The Underground Guide to Teenage Sexuality: An Essential Handbook for Today's Teens and Parents / Michael J. Basso