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Alternating Viewpoints

Archer, Lily. The Poison Apples   
At an elite Massachusetts boarding school, three fifteen-year-old girls of very different backgrounds discover a common bond and form a club to plot revenge against their evil stepmothers. (SLJ gr. 6-9)

Asher, Jay.  Thirteen Reasons Why 
When high school student Clay Jenkins receives a box in the mail containing thirteen cassette tapes recorded by his classmate Hannah, who committed suicide, he spends a bewildering and heartbreaking night crisscrossing their town, listening to Hannah's voice recounting the events leading up to her death. (SLJ gr. 7+)

Asher, Jay and Carolyn Mackler.  The Future of Us
It's 1996, and less than half of all American high school students have ever used the Internet. Emma just got her first computer and Josh is her best friend. They power up and log on--and discover themselves on Facebook, fifteen years in the future. Everybody wonders what their Destiny will be. Josh and Emma are about to find out. (SLJ gr. 8+)

Barkley, Brad and Heather Hepler. Scrambled Eggs at Midnight
Calliope (Cal) just wants to stay put instead of moving from state to state following Renaissance Faires with her mother a jewelry maker. Eliot misses the time before his father started a fat camp for Christians. The fifteen-year-olds meet in Asheville, North Carolina, and feel an immediate connection. (SLJ g4 7+)

Burgess, Melvin. Smack
After running away from their troubled homes, two English teenagers move in with a group of squatters in the port city of Bristol and try to find ways to support their growing addiction to heroin. (SLJ gr. 10+)

Cohn, Rachel and David Levithan.  Nick & Nora’s Infinite Playlist 
High school student Nick O'Leary, member of a rock band, meets college-bound Norah Silverberg and asks her to be his girlfriend for five minutes in order to avoid his ex-sweetheart.

Cormier, Robert. Tenderness
A psychological thriller told from the points of view of a teenage serial killer and the runaway girl who falls in love with him.

Crowley, Cath.  A Little Wanting Song 
Charlie Duskin loves music, and she knows she's good at it but she has no one to sing to.  She just wants her dad to notice her, and a friend.  Rose lives in a small town next door to Charlie’s grandfather and she just wants to get out of there and to the city.  Charlie just may be Rose’s way to get to the city to attend the science school where she’s won a scholarship. (SLJ gr 9+)

Davis, Tanita S.  Happy Families
In alternating chapters, sixteen-year-old twins Ysabel and Justin share their conflicted feelings as they struggle to come to terms with their father's decision to dress as a woman.

Draper, Sharon. Tears of a Tiger
The death of high school basketball star Rob Washington in an automobile accident affects the lives of his close friend Andy, who was driving the car, and many others in the school. (SLJ gr. 9+)

Elkeles, Simone.  Leaving Paradise 
In alternating chapters, seventeen-year-olds Caleb and Maggie relate the difficulties of readjusting to school, and changing relationships with family, friends, and one another, a year after a drunk driving accident sent her to the hospital with a crippling leg injury and him to prison. (SLJ gr 9+)

Flinn, Alex. Fade to Black
A boy who is HIV positive, a bully accused of attacking him with a bat and a girl with Down Syndrome, the only witness to the crime alternate in telling the story of what happened and how it changed their lives. (SLJ gr. 8+)

Frost, Helen.  The Braid  
Two sisters, Sarah and Jeannie, are separated during the Highland Clearances in Scotland in 1850. Their stories are told in alternating narrative poems, braided at the edges in a form invented for this book, inspired by Celtic knotwork. (SLJ gr. 8+)

Griffin, Paul.  Stay with Me
Fifteen-year-olds Mack, a high school drop-out but a genius with dogs, and Céce, who hopes to use her intelligence to avoid a life like her mother's, meet and fall in love at the restaurant where they both work, but when Mack lands in prison he pushes Céce away and only a one-eared pit-bull can keep them together.  (SLJ gr.10+)

Hartinger, Brent. Grand and Humble
Alternating chapters follow the lives of two high school boys, whose recent nightmares and premonitions of disaster are linked to mysterious past events. (SLJ gr. 9+)

Hesse, Karen. Witness
The struggles of several young people who confront family problems, emotional problems, unrequited love, mystery, and violence, is told from the viewpoint of Matt, who is known for his unusual behavior but who has unusual gifts, and Erin, who tries to use her proficiency with magic to attract Matt. (SLJ gr. 6+)

Hooper, Mary.  Newes from the Dead 
In 1650, while Robert, a young medical student, steels himself to assist with her dissection, twenty-two-year-old housemaid Anne Green recalls her life as she lies in her coffin, presumed dead after being hanged for murdering her child that was, in fact, stillborn. (SLJ gr 8+)

Hurwin, Davida. A Time for Dancing.
Seventeen-year-old best friends Samantha and Juliana tell their stories in alternating chapters after Juliana is diagnosed with cancer.  (SLJ gr 7-10)

Jones, Patrick.  Things Change  
Sixteen-year-old Johanna, one of the best students in her class, develops a passionate attachment for troubled seventeen-year-old Paul and is thrilled when he shows interest in her. Then he hits her and everything changes. (SLJ gr 8+)

Kaaberbol, Lene. The Shamer’s Signet
In Book 2 of the Shamer Chronicles, Dina who has inherited the gift of perceiving people’s shames, is kidnapped and forced to shame enemies of the evil Valdrac. Her older brother is determined to protect her from her enemies. (SLJ gr. 6-9)

Lockhart, E. ,  Sarah Mlynowski and Lauren Myracle.  How to Be Bad
Told in alternating voices, Jesse, Vicks, and Mel, hoping to leave all their worries and woes behind, escape their small town by taking a road trip to Miami. (SLJ gr. 9+)

Manning, Sarra.  Pretty Things  
While rehearsing for a production of "The Taming of the Shrew," four English teenagers explore their relationships and sexuality, while also discovering some surprising truths about themselves.

Marsden, John. Letters from the Inside
Two teenage girls begin a correspondence that gradually reveals more than either young woman wants known. (SLJ gr. 8+)

McCaughrean, Geraldine. Not the End of the World
Noah's daughter, daughters-in-law, sons, wife, and the animals describe what it was like to be aboard the ark while they watched everyone around them drown. What was it really like when the heavens opened and the world drowned? (SLJ gr. 9+)

Miller, Sarah.  The Lost Crown
In alternating chapters, Grand Duchesses Olga, Tatiana, Maria, and Anastasia tell how their privileged lives as the daughters of the tsar in early twentieth-century Russia are transformed by world war and revolution. (SLJ gr. 8+)

Na, An. Wait for Me.
As her senior year in high school approaches, Mina yearns to find her own path in life.  But working at the family business, taking care of her hearing-impaired little sister, Suna,  and dealing with her mother's impossible expectations are as stifling as the southern California heat, until she falls in love with a man who offers a way out.  The story is told in two voices: first-person past tense for Mina and third-person present for Suna, who is entering middle school and just beginning to find her own voice. Winner of the 202 Printz Award. (SLJ gr. 8+)

Napoli, Donna Jo. Zel.
Based on the fairy tale Rapunzel, the story is told in alternating chapters from the point of view of Zel, her mother, and the prince, and delves into the psychological motivations of the characters. (SLJ gr 9+)

Reinhardt, Dana. Harmless
When Anna, Emma, and Mariah concoct a story about why they are late getting home one Friday night, their lie has unimaginable consequences for the girls, their families, and the community.  (SLJ gr. 7-10)

Rowell, Rainbow.  Eleanore & Park
Two misfits in love told in alternating voices. Eleanor meets Park on the school bus where he is deeply into the music on his his Walkman (it's 1986) and reading a comic book, trying to avoid Steve and Tina behind him.  Eleanor is overweight, has a mop of messy red hair and is dressed in the weirdest thriftstore clothes with pieces of fabric pinned over the holes.  She's dirt poor and her mother is remarried to a maniac (her dad wasn't so great either, he's totally forgotten his kids). No one will let her sit next to them, so she sits next to Park.  She's irksome but funny and Park begins to like her.  When he sees her reading his Watchman comics over his shoulder, he begins to share them with her. They are both great characters; their relationship is so full of feeling. (SLJ gr. 9+)

Sanchez, Alex.  So Hard to Say 
Thirteen-year-old Xio, a Mexican American girl, and Frederick, who has just moved to California from Wisconsin, quickly become close friends, but when Xio starts thinking of Frederick as her boyfriend, he must confront his feelings of confusion and face the fear that he might be gay. (SLJ gr 6-9)

Van Draanen, Wendelin.  Flipped
In alternating chapters, two teenagers describe how their feelings about themselves, each other, and their families have changed over the years. (SLJ gr. 6-9)

Volponi, Paul.  Black and White  
Two star high school basketball players, one black and one white, experience the justice system differently after committing a crime together and getting caught. (SLJ gr. 9+)

Wittlinger, Ellen. What's in a Name?
Each of ten teenagers living in Scrub Harbor, Massachusetts, explores his or her identity at the same time that the local residents consider changing the name of their town. (SLJ gr. 7+)