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To register for a class, please call the Library at (734) 453-0750. Choose #4 to reach the Reader's Advisory Desk to check on available dates and times.
Classes are open to everyone!!

Not all classes listed below are scheduled each month.


This course is designed to teach basic computer and mousing skills to Plymouth residents. This includes an introduction to the Windows operating system. The class provides one session of mousing practice and hands-on work with the Library's electronic catalog. A follow-up session in the computer training room is held one week later for additional experience.

If you have successfully passed Basic Computer Skills class, this is the next class for you.  Hone your skills at clicking and dragging with your mouse.  Learn how to save and move files around on your hard drive.  Become comfortable using your Start Menu items.  You must be able to use the mouse prior to taking this class !

MS WORD 2010, LEVEL 1 

Students will learn how to open, close, modify, save and print a basic Word document. The class covers basic features of this software program only. Students must be comfortable keyboarding and using a mouse prior to taking this class.

MS WORD 2010, LEVEL 2 
In this class students will learn how to adjust a layout using Page Setup, use auto correct, insert dates and symbols, work with two Word documents at the same time, insert bullets and numbering, alphabetize, use tables, insert symbols and more.

EXCEL 2010, LEVEL 1 

Find out how to make a household or personal budget while learning Microsoft Excel. You must be comfortable with keyboarding and Microsoft Windows basics before signing up for this class.

For students who have completed the "Make a Budget with Excel Class. Excel II  will cover the use of functions, Inserting comments, create a chart, learn to insert rows and columns, formatting the spreadsheet and printing the spreadsheet.


Get one-on-one help using a computer, a mouse, the library catalog, the Internet, or setting up a free e-mail account with Yahoo! or Hotmail. High school students volunteer every other Saturday to help you increase your computer skills—stay for 10 minutes or 2 hours! No registration necessary.

When you use Plymouth District Library's wireless network you have agreed to accept our Internet Use Policy.

Wireless access is provided using a public, unsecured network.