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istock_dollarbills_xsmall - American Association of Individual Investors
American Association of Individual Investors specializes in providing education that arms investors with the knowledge and tools needed to manage their finances effectively and profitably.

Comprehensive and easy-to-use site. Offers historical charts, quotes, and research on stocks, mutual funds, and indexes.
Not only financial and business news from CNN, is also home to Fortune and Money magazines.

The Dow Jones Averages

Dow Jones Averages 100 Year Historical Chart

EDGAR Database
Company documents filed with the Security and Exchange Commission.

411 Stocks
Quick one-page access to the most requested company financial data (profit & loss statements, financial ratios, etc) and stock prices.

Index Funds
Learn all you need to know to get started in index funds. 

The Investment Company Institute Mutual Fund Connection
Provides up-to-date info on the investment company industry. Helpful pamphlets can be found when you "click" on "Investor Awareness Materials."

Your one-stop education resource for all things investing.

Investor's Business Daily
Learn how to effectively use the newspaper, read selected current articles, take an on-line investment course.
Glossary of over 6,000 definitions with links between related terms.
Stock Market Quotes, Business News, and Financial News

The Motley Fool
Daily information to educate, amuse and enrich.

Mutual Fund Educational Alliance
Dedicated to no-load mutual funds where investors can track their mutual fund investments, and with direct links to American mutual fund companies.

Silicon Investor
Stock investing message board with up to the minute discussions on tech stocks, biotech stocks, gold, microcap, and more.

Yahoo! finance
Vast site oppering current market info, news, research, portfolio management, banking, etc.

IRAs, Bonds, & More

A.M. Best Company
Insurance industry information, news, and links to insurance companies.

Roth IRA Web Site Home Page
The latest news on the Roth IRA, articles for planning, calculators, etc.

Understanding the Roth IRA
An explanation of the Roth IRA and who would benefit from converting to it.

United States Savings Bonds
Everything you need to know about government savings bonds, including how to figure worth of other bonds.

Financing Education
The best site for information on 529 college savings plans. Includes informative and analytical information; gives links to all the state sites and other relevant information. Register for full access to the site.

 Michigan Education Savings Plan (MESP)
Overview of the program including investment options, FAQs, prospectus, online enrollment or request for an enrollment kit, payroll deduction options, and more.

 Michigan Education Trust (MET)
A prepaid tuition program based upon investing a fixed amount which grows in value. The site offers enrollment, student handbooks, lists of Michigan public educational institutions, etc.

Others to Check
Provides free rate information to consumers on more than 300 financial products

College Board Online
An association of educational institutions and organizations dedicated to putting college in reach of all students. Click on “Paying for college.”

College Opportunities On Line (COOL)
Basic information on 9000+ post-secondary institutions, including their prices.

The College Savings Plans Network
Dedicated to state college savings plans in all 50 states.

The Financial Aid Information Page
A free, comprehensive, independent and objective guide to various forms of student financial aid.

Foreclosure Help - for those in Wayne County
Wide range of information including articles from the magazine, worksheets with calculators, sample portfolios and direct links to state plans and brokerage companies.

U.S. Department of Education
A vast site to be visited by everyone interested in any level of education!