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I am posting a link to an excellent paper on the Tech Tips Blog from called Preserving Your Family History Records Digitally.  Although this is a very long article, it's an excellent resource as well as a refresher course for those of us documenting our family history.  Since I started gathering various papers, photographs and documents over fifty years ago, I've progressed from strictly paper files to floppy discs to CD-ROMs and then to flash or thumb drives.  Currently I have an external hard drive, but I'm also saving photos and special items on remote servers "in the cloud."  Gary Wright discusses many of these options in his paper and goes on to talk about the challenges involved with the various storage options.  Whether you are a genealogy novice or an experienced researcher, you'll find this article very worthwhile!

mocavoI'd be willing to bet that not many of you use a search engine with the strange name of Mocavo.  Yet, for genealogists, it's a wonderful tool and one highly praised by those in the profession.  Mocavo is strictly a genealogy search engine.  Unlike Google, which brings results from everywhere, Mocavo hones in on sites such as Find-a-Grave, the free pages from RootsWeb at, war records that have been posted online, state genealogy sites, and even the Ellis Island Search site.  You end up with fewer results than you'd get with Googling your name, but they tend to be quality results relating to family research.  Give this research tool a try by clicking on the image in this article or by going to !

familysearchIf you have been doing genealogy for any number of years, I'm sure you are used to using the web site from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormons) called Family Search.  For the past few years, there has been another version of this great product called Record Search Pilot which contained records indexed by volunteers throughout the world.  The information from this Pilot site is now part of the NEW site which boasts having over 2.1 billion records either indexed or available online.  The tradional familysearch page is still up and running at, while the new one is just slightly different - .  If you are doing a thorough search, especially for someone NOT in the United States, I suggest that you try both of this searches.


Who Do You Think You Are?: the essential guide to tracing your family history by Megan Smolenyak.

This book is a companion guide to the popular television series now in its second season.  In addition to containing basic information for those just beginning research into family history, this work also features "Full-color profiles of celebrities' surprising revelations."  Although this may not appeal to everyone's interests, those who have avidly followed the TV program might appreciate this content. 
Other books on beginning your research include Unpuzzling your Past: the best-selling basic guide to genealogy by Emily Ann Croom (2010) and First Steps in Genealogy: a beginner's guide to researching your family history by Desmond Walls Allen. 
Find these and other books on beginning genealogy in the Genealogy Collection on the Upper Level.