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Korean & Vietnam War Memorial

Plymouth's Korean War and Vietnam War Memorial

koreavnProvided by: Plymouth Vietnam Veterans Association, Original Dedication: July 4th, 1989

Location as of June, 1995: Northeast Corner Of Ann Arbor Trail and Union


Granite monument in three sections with inscriptions, and metal dedication plaque
mounted on separate granite base west of the monument.

Inscription (Front):

On Left Section - Front:

Morris F. Beasley U.S. Army
Jan. 28, 1933 - Sept. 4, 1950

On Center Section - Front:

To Those of the
Plymouth Community
Who Gallantly Served in
the Korean and Vietnam Wars

We Dedicate This Memorial
To Those Who Fell
Leaving Behind
A Message To Tell

Take Not For Granted
The Freedom You Share
Or The Cost That Was Paid
Both Here And There

--- David "Doc" Maloney
--- Served In Vietnam - 1965

On Right Section - Front:


Harry F. Zalesny, Jr.
U.S. Army
Feb. 20, 1949 - Dec. 22, 1969
Richard A. Larrick
U.S. Army
May 29, 1947 - Sept. 26, 1965
Richard L. Nowry
Jan. 25, 1947 - June 9, 1968
James P. Eckles
U.S. Army
Nov. 16, 1948 - Aug. 12, 1969
James T. Fields
U.S. Army
May 12, 1948 - Feb. 15, 1969
Hugh H. Sarah
U.S. Army
Aug. 5, 1945 - Sept. 25, 1969
Harry E. Baker
U.S. Army
Sept. 23, 1949 - Mar. 31, 1970

Inscription (Back):

On Left Section - Back:

Head And Shoulders Of A Female Soldier

On Center Section - Back:

In Honor Of Those
Americans Still Prisoners 
Of War, Missing In Action
And Unaccounted For

May You Soon Return From Your Long Sojourn
On The Field Of Battle
To The Country That
You So Valiantly Served

--- Marty Eddy - President
--- Prisoner Of War Committee Of Michigan

On Right Section - Back:

Head And Shoulders Of A Male Soldier

On Metal Plaque Mounted Left Of The Monument:


John F. Pappas - President - Vietnam Veteran
Wilfred N. Blunk - Vice-President - Vietnam Veteran
Dr. Stan Jenkins - Treasurer - Pastor - WWII Veteran
Denise Murphy - Secretary
Karry Lancaster - Member
Doreen Pappas - Member
Dave Reeves - Vietnam Veteran - V.V.A. Chapter 387 Member
Daniel W. Stengle - Vietnam Veteran - Member
Rick DIVeto - Vietnam Veteran - Member
Cinday O'Day - Jaycees - Member
Gary Estermyer - Vietnam Veteran - V.V.A. Chapter 9 Member
Memorial By Simpson Granite Works - Detroit MI.
David Blake, Mandy Blake, David Goldsworthy