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Plymouth Rock Memorial

Plymouth's Fourth Veterans Memorial - Plymouth Rock

WWIIIn the early 1930's, one of the local "work-wage plan" projects was the railroad grade separation for Northville Road. In the winter of 1932, a crew working on the project uncovered a very large rock. John Jacobs, a Wayne County Road Commission foreman supervising the crew, was a member of the Plymouth Ex-Servicemen's Club and a one- time commander of the local organization. He remembered the World War I monument which had been torn down, and thought that the huge rock would somehow make a fifting tribute to Plymouth's war dead. He proposed that it be relocated to Kellogg Park, which was done with the help of the grade-separation workers and other Ex-Servicemen's Club members. The original location was in the middle of the park. The plaques paying tribute to the dead comrades in the Civil War, the Spanish-American War and World War I were added to the rock shortly after it was moved. The plaques were provided by the VFW and the Ex-Servicemen's Club. The monument was officially dedicated on Memorial Day in 1935. In 1967, the Plymouth Rock was moved from the middle of Kellogg Park to its present location on the east side of Union at Ann Arbor Trail.




Inscriptions: (There Are Three Plaques On This Memorial:)

Plaque 1. - Civil War:

GAR (in star)
Grand Army Of The Republic
This Tablet Erected By
The Ex-Servicemen's Club Of Plymouth
In Memory Of
Their Comrades
Of The Civil War
Who Gave Their Lives
In Defense Of
And To Perpetuate The Union

Plaque 2. - Spanish American War:

United Spanish War Veterans
This Tablet Erected By
The Ex-Servicemen's Club Of Plymouth
In Memory Of Their Comrades
Who Served Their Country
In The War With Spain
For Cuban And Philippine Liberty

Plaque 3. - World War I and World War II:

This Tablet Erected
By The Veterams of Foreign Wars
Mayfloweer Post 6695
And The Ex-Servicemen's Club Of Plymouth
In Memory Of Their Comrades
Whose Names Are Hereon Inscribed
And Who Made The Supreme Sacrifice

World War I
Myron H. Beals Chas. Burch Chas. Chappell
Scott D. Cortrite Walter E. Gordon Vernon B. Henderson
David Oliver Harry J. Rattenbury J. Edward Tighe
World War II
Milo Bliss Wesley Hoffman Donald Passage
Donald Burke Leslie Huger Clyde Ruehl
John Christensen Donald F. Hunter James L. Schmitz
Charles Coyle Archie F. King James Sexton, Jr.
John J. Dalton John J. Kinsey, Jr. James Sheppard
George D'Haene Francis J. Laurian Douglas Sockow
John A. Donovan Keith Lawson Mathew Spitz
David John Estep Harold Leach Donald R. Taylor
Peter Gayde Arthur R. Lockwood Ronald D. Tobey
Ewart Gladstone Raymond Martin George Tonkovich
John Greene Robert O'Conner Gary Van Tubergen
Charles Hadley L. J. Owens William L. Wood
  Robert N. Parsons