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Plymouth Michgan - History of


  • The first settlers, Allen and William Tibbits among them, arrived in this area in 1824, and by 1825, there were enough people here to make up a small settlement.
  • George Starkweather was the first child born in Plymouth Township in February 1826.
  • The name Plymouth was suggested by William Bartow, the first Township Supervisor, since many of the original settlers had ancestors who lived near Plymouth Rock in Massachusetts.
  • The first schoolhouse was built in 1830.
  • The village of Plymouth was incorporated in 1867.
  • In 1882 the Plymouth Iron Windmill Company was organized. This later became the Daisy Air Rifle Company.
  • In 1918 Plymouth became a home rule village.

For a more complete history, please see the Plymouth City Hall; History of Plymouth


SOURCE: The Story of Plymouth, Michigan: A Midwest Microcosm  977.43 H