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Detroit Mile Road Names

Starting with Ford Road - which is essentially "0" Mile, the east/west mile streets are found at one-mile intervals going north. They are:

  • Warren Ave. - 1 Mile
  • Joy Rd. - 2 Mile
  • Plymouth Rd. - 3 Mile
  • Schoolcraft - 4 Mile
  • Fenkell Rd. - 5 Mile
  • McNichols - 6 mile
  • 7 Mile - always called this
  • Baseline - 8 Mile

The "miles" were originally based on the number of miles from the intersection of Michigan Avenue and Woodward Avenue (beginning of Woodward Avenue) in downtown Detroit - going due north from there. Thus, Ford Road starts at the intersection of these two primary roads.


SOURCE: The Detroit Almanac, page 20
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