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Detroit House of Corrections - History

-"The first Detroit House of Corrections opened in 1861 near Eastern Market on Detroit's east side. The old prison housed some famous felons, including western outlasw Belle Starr and Morman polygamist David Udall."

-"The city of Detroit bought about 1,000 acres in Plymouth Township and Northville Township in 1919 for about $30 an acre to house a new Detroit House of Corrections that would replace the Eastern Market facility."

-"In 1920, the city set up a prison farm on the property which housed several bootleggers. The prisoners slept in tents."

-"In 1930, a permanent $2.5 million maximum security facility was completed."

-"Detroit sold part of the prison complex in 1979 to the Michigan Department of Corrections for $1.6 million."

-"The city sold the rest of the prison and about 125 acres to the state corrections department in 1986 for $6.7 million. The same year, the Detroit House of Corrections ceased operations."

-In January, 2002, Kojaian Management Corp. of Bloomfield Hills purchased the property for $50 million. Property is now zoned for residential, commercial and industrial.



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