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The Titanic on the Screen

titanic_dvdGhosts of the abyss -  TRAVEL 910.45 L

A Night to Remember - DRAMA NIG

Titanic (1953) DRAMA TIT

Titanic (Motion picture 1999) DRAMA TIT

Titanic: the complete story -  TRAVEL 910.453 H

Titanic's final moments: missing pieces - TRAVEL 910.453 T

Titanica - TRAVEL 910.45 I


The Titanic in Novels

fromtimetotimeDistant Waves: a novel of the Titanic - Weyn, Suzanne - TEEN ZONE - WEYN

The Dressmaker: A Novel - Alcott, Kate - ADULT FICTION

From Time to Time - Finney, Jack - ADULT FICTION

Maiden Voyage - Bass, Cynthia - ADULT FICTION

No Greater Love - Steel, Danielle - ADULT FICTION

Raise the Titanic! - Cussler, Clive - ADULT FICTION

The Watch that Ends the Night; Voices from the Titanic - Wolf, Alan - TEEN ZONE - WOLF 

Titanic Murders - Collins, Max Allen - CD BOOK - FICTION


Nonfiction (Informational) Books About the Titanic

The Discovery of the Titanic / Ballard, Robert D.

Ghosts of the abyss : a journey into the heart of the Titanic / Lynch, Donald, 1957-

Lost Voices from the Titanic: the Definitive Oral History / Barratt, Nick.

A Night to Remember / Lord, Walter - TRAVEL COLLECTION 910.45 L

titanic_lastnightShadow of the Titanic: the extraordinary stories of those who survived / Wilson, Andrew. TRAVEL COLLECTION - 910.6163 W

Titanic: women and children first / Geller, Judith B.  - TRAVEL COLLECTION 910.45 G

The Titanic Story: Hard Choices, Dangerous Decisions / Cox, Stephen - TRAVEL COLLECTION 910.91 C

Titanic: the last great images / Ballard, Robert D. - TRAVEL COLLECTION 910.091 B 

Titanic: the last night of a small town / Welshman, John - TRAVEL COLLECTION 910.45 W

Titanic: the tragedy that shook the world: one century later / Life Books - TRAVEL COLLECTION - 910.163 T

Titanic Tragedy: a new look at the lost liner / Maxton-Graham, John.-  TRAVEL COLLECTION - 910.9163 M

Titanic, triumph and tragedy /Eaton, John P. - TRAVEL COLLECTION 910.091 E

Titanic survivor : the newly discovered memoirs of Violet Jessop who survived both the Titanic and Britannic disasters / Jessop, Violet - 363.12 J

Titanic's last secrets: the further adventures of shadow divers John Chatterton and Richie Kohler - Matsen, Bradford -  TRAVEL COLLECTION 910.453 

Unsinkable : the full story of the RMS Titanic / Butler, Daniel Allen. - TRAVEL COLLECTION 910.453 B 

Voyagers of the Titanic : passengers, sailors, shipbuilders, aristocrats, and the worlds they came from /  Davenport-Hines, Richard. TRAVEL COLLECTION -  910.91 D