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Short Story Collections


Best American Short Stories 2007 - Stephen King, ed.
Pa's darling / Louis Auchincloss -- Toga party / John Barth -- Solid wood / Ann Beattie -- Balto / T.C. Boyle -- Riding the doghouse / Randy DeVita -- My brother Eli / Joseph Epstein -- Where will you go when your skin cannot contain you? / William Gay -- Eleanor's music / Mary Gordon -- L. DeBard and Aliette, a love story / Lauren Groff -- Wake / Beverly Jensen -- Wait / Roy Kesey -- Findings & impressions / Stellar Kim -- Allegiance / Aryn Kyle -- Boy in Zaquitos / Bruce McAllister -- Dimension / Alice Munro -- Bris / Eileen Pollack -- St. Lucy's home for girls raised by wolves / Karen Russell -- Horseman / Richard Russo -- Sans farine / Jim Shepard -- Do something / Kate Walbert.


Best American Short Stories 2008 by Salman Rushdie
Introduction / by Salman Rushdie -- Admiral / T. C. Boyle -- The year of silence / Kevin Brockmeier -- Galatea / Karen Brown -- Man and wife / Katie Chase -- Virgins / Danielle Evans -- Closely held / Allegra Goodman -- May we be forgotten / A. M. Homes -- From the desk of Daniel Varsky / Nicole Krauss -- The king of sentences / Johnathan Lethem -- The worst you ever feel / Rebecca Makkai -- The wizard of West Orange / Steven Millhauser -- Nawabdin electrician / Daniyal Mueenuddin -- Child's play / Alice Munro -- Buying Lenin / Miroslav Penkov -- Vampires in the lemon grove / Karen Russell -- Puppy / George Saunders -- Quality of life / Christine Sneed -- Missionaries / Bradford Tice -- Straightaway / Mark Wisniewski -- Bible / Tobias Wolff.


Best New American Voices 2009 by Mary Gaitskill
Introduction / by Mary Gaitskill -- Yellowstone / by Baird Harper -- Weather enough / by Will Boast -- Wintering / by Anastasia Kolendo -- The monkey king / by Sharon May -- Little stones, little pistols, little clash / by Jacob Rubin -- Salvation Army / by Mehdi Tavana Okasi -- Love for Miss Dottie / by Larry N. Mayer -- Mules / by Erin Brown -- Look ma, I'm breathing / by Suzanne Rivecca -- Statehood / by Kevin A. González -- Welcome home / by Theodore Wheeler -- Love and honor and pity and pride and compassion and sacrifice / by Nam Le -- The fantôme of Fatma / by Otis Haschemeyer -- The still point / by Lydia Peelle.


Black Noir by Otto Penzler
Introduction / Otto Penzler -- Old boys, old girls / Edward P. Jones -- I'll be doggone / Paula L. Woods -- Corollary / Hughes Allison -- Oprah's song / Robert Greer -- On Saturday the siren sounds at noon / Ann Petry -- The sheriff's children / Charles W. Chesnutt -- House of tears / Gary Phillips -- The Canasta club / Eleanor Taylor Bland -- Talma Gordon / Pauline E. Hopkins -- Strictly business / Chester Himes -- John Archer's nose / Rudolph Fisher -- The shoemaker murder / George S. Schuyler -- The first rule is / Gar Anthony Haywood -- Summer session / Alice Dunbar Nelson -- Black dog / Walter Mosley.


The Boat - Nam Le
Stories that take us from the slums of Colombia to the streets of Tehran; from New York City to Iowa; from a tiny fishing village in Australia to a foundering vessel in the South China Sea-- while taking us to the heart of what is means to be human.


The Book of Other People - Zadie Smith
Judith Castle / David Mitchell -- Justin M. Damiano / Daniel Clowes -- Frank / A.L. Kennedy -- Gideon / ZZ Packer -- Gordon / Andrew O'Hagan -- Hanwell Snr / Zadie Smith -- J. Johnson / Nick Hornby with Posy Simmonds -- LéLé / Edwidge Danticat -- The liar / Aleksandar Hemon -- Jordan Wellington Lint / Chris Ware -- Magda Mandela / Hari Kunzru -- The monster / Toby Litt -- Nigora / Adam Thirlwell -- Judge Gladys Parks-Schultz / Heidi Julavits -- Puppy / George Saunders -- Rhoda / Jonathan Safran Foer -- Soleil / Vendela Vida -- Roy Spivey / Miranda July -- Cindy Stubenstock / A.M. Homes -- Theo / Dave Eggers -- Perkus Tooth / Jonathan Lethem -- Donal Webster / Colm Tóibín -- Newton Wicks / Andrew Sean Greer.


The Day I Ate Whatever I Wanted - Elizabeth Berg
A compelling anthology of short fiction, including eleven never-before-published pieces, explores the lives of women breaking free of the convention that controls their lives, in a collection that includes "Returns and Exchanges," "Over the Hill and Into the Woods," and the title story, about a woman who goes on a happiness binge after ditching Weight Watchers.


Dangerous Laughter - Steven Milhauser
A collection of darkly comic stories united by their obsession with obsession.

Cat 'n' mouse -- The disappearance of Elaine Coleman -- The room in the attic -- Dangerous laughter -- History of a disturbance -- The dome -- In the reign of Harad IV -- The other town -- The tower -- Here at the historical society -- A change in fashion -- A precursor of the cinema -- The wizard of West Orange.


Children Playing Before a Statue of Hercules - edited and introduced by David Sedaris
Oh, Joseph, I'm so tired / Richard Yates -- Gryphon / Charles Baxter -- Interpreter of maladies / Jhumpa Lahiri -- The garden party / Katherine Mansfield -- Half a grapefruit / Alice Munro -- Applause, applause / Jean Thompson -- I know what I'm doing about all the attention I've been getting / Frank Gannon -- Where the door is always open and the welcome mat is out / Patricia Highsmith -- The best of Betty / Jincy Willett -- Song of the spirit, 1941 / Dorothy Parker -- The girl with the blackened eye / Joyce Carol Oates -- People like that are the only people here : canonical babbling in Peed Onk / Lorrie Moore -- Revelation / Flannery O'Connor -- In the cemetery where Al Jolson is buried / Amy Hempel -- Cosmopolitan / Akhil Sharma -- Irish girl / Tim Johnston -- Bullet in the brain / Tobias Wolff -- Epilogue: about 826NYC / Sarah Vowell.


Collected Stories - Roald Dahl
An African story -- Only this -- Katina -- Beware of the dog -- They shall not grow old -- Someone like you -- Death of an old old man -- Madame Rosette -- A piece of cake -- Yesterday was beautiful -- Nunc Dimittis -- Skin -- Man from the South -- The soldier -- The sound machine -- Mr Botibol -- Vengeance is Mine Inc. -- The wish -- Poison -- Taste -- Dip in the pool -- The great automatic grammatizator -- Claud's dog: The ratcatcher ; Rummins ; Mr Hoddy ; Mr Feasey -- My lady love, my dove -- Neck -- Lamb to the slaughter -- Galloping Foxley -- Edward the Conqueror -- The way up to Heaven -- William and Mary -- Parson's pleasure -- George Porgy -- Mrs. Bixby and the Colonel's coat -- Royal jelly -- The champion of the world -- Genesis and catastrophe -- Pig -- The landlady -- The visitor -- The last act -- The great switcheroo -- The butler -- Bitch -- Ah, sweet mystery of life -- The hitchhiker -- The umbrella man -- The bookseller -- The surgeon.


Dear Husband by Joyce Carol Oates
In this collection of 14 stories, Oates examines what, at first glance, seem to be normal family relationships—under further magnification, the cracks appear. (taken from Library Journal)


Delicate Edible Birds and Other Stories by Lauren Groff
Groff follows up The Monsters of Templeton with this innovative and beautifully written collection that covers a wide swath of humanity, from east coast resort towns, to the early 20th century flu epidemic, to WWII Europe.


Don’t Cry: Stories by Mary Gaitskill
College town, 1980 -- Folk song -- Old virgin -- Agonized face -- Mirror ball -- Today I'm yours -- Little boy -- Arms and legs of the lake -- Description -- Don't cry.


Ecco Anthology of Contemporary American Short Fiction selected by Joyce Carol Oates
"Edited by Joyce Carol Oates and Christopher R. Beha, this volume provides an important overview of the contemporary short story and a selection of the very best that American short fiction has to offer."--BOOK JACKET.


Hardly Knew Her: Stories by Laura Lippman
A collection, for the first time, of a mix of award-winning short stories and a new novella by the author. Lippman has won every major mystery award.


How it Ended: New and Collected Stories by Jay McInerney
It's six A.M. Do you know where you are? -- Smoke -- Invisible fences -- The madonna of turkey season -- Third party -- In the North-West Frontier Province -- My public service -- The waiter -- The queen and I -- The debutante's return -- Simple gifts -- Story of my life -- Con doctor -- Getting in touch with Lonnie -- Summary judgment -- How it ended -- Philomena -- I love you, honey -- Sleeping with pigs -- Everything is lost -- Reunion -- Putting Daisy down -- The business -- Penelope on the pond -- The march -- The last bachelor.


In the Shadow of the Master: Classic Tales of Edgar Allan Poe edited by Michael Connelly
Published to commemorate the 200th anniversary of Edgar Allan Poe's birth, this anthology gathers a collection of stories by the original master of suspense, with commentary from beloved and bestselling contemporary authors.


Just after Sunset: stories by Stephen King
This collection of short works is comprised of pieces that previously appeared in such publications as The New Yorker, Playboy, and McSweeney's, in a volume that includes such tales as ""The Gingerbread Girl"" and "N."


Murder on the Short List by Peter Lovesey
A shortlist of Peter Loveseys best ever stories . . . including the Crime Writers Associations best short story of 2007 and featuring some of Loveseys most popular detectives Bertie, Prince of Wales, Sergeant Cribb and Rosemary and Thyme. Join the author in a brush with Adolf Hitler and take a walk on Beachy Head, the UKs favourite suicide spot surprises are guaranteed . . .


My Mistress’s Sparrow is Dead : Great love stories from Chekhow to Munro - Jeffrey Eugenides, ed.
First love and other sorrows / Harold Brodkey -- The lady with the little dog / Anton Chekhov -- Love / Grace Paley -- A Rose for Emily / William Faulkner -- The dead / James Joyce -- Dirty wedding / Denis Johnson -- Natasha / David Bezmozgis -- Some other, better Otto / Deborah Eisenberg -- The hitchhiking game / Milan Kundera -- Lovers of their time / William Trevoro -- Mouche / Guy de Maupassant -- The moon in its flight / Gilbert Sorrentino -- Spring in Fialta / Vladimir Nabokov -- Yours / Mary Robison -- The bad thing / David Gates -- First love / Isaac Babel -- Tonka / Robert Musil -- Jon / George Saunders -- Red rose, white rose / Eileen Chang -- Fireworks / Richard Ford -- We didn't / Stuart Dybek -- Something that needs nothing / Miranda July -- The magic barrel / Bernard Malamud -- What we talk about when we talk about love / Raymond Carver -- Innocence / Harold Brodkey -- The bear came over the mountain / Alice Munro


No One Belongs Here More Than You - Miranda July
The shared piano -- The swim team -- Majesty -- The man on the stairs -- The sister -- This person -- It was romance -- Something that needs nothing -- I kiss a door -- The boy from Lam Kien -- Making love in 2003 -- Ten true things -- The moves -- Mon plaisir -- Birthmark -- How to tell stories to children.


Nothing Right: Short Stories by Antonya Nelson
Set in the American Southwest, and including one previously unpublished story, "Nothing Right" features poignant, hilarious, truthful explorations of domesticity and characters who try to keep themselves intact as their personal lives explode around them.


Our Story Begins - Tobias Wolff

Ten potent new stories that, along with twenty-one classics, display Wolff's mastery over a quarter century.


Presence- Arthur Miller
"Throughout his career as one of the foremost playwrights of the twentieth century, Arthur Miller wrote a series of short stories, pieces that reveal the same insight, humanism, and empathy that are the hallmarks of his dramatic works. Presence is a collection of Miller's last published fiction - pieces that originally appeared in The New Yorker, Harper's, Esquire, and elsewhere - and like his previous collections, it presents a series of portraits of characters transformed by the ineffable."--BOOK JACKET


Red Convertible: Selected and New Stories 1978-2008 by Louise Erdrich
This unique volume brings together, for the first time, three decades of stories by one of the most innovative and exciting writers. "The Red Convertible" reveals the evolution of narrative styles, the shifts and metamorphoses, in Erdrich's fiction.


This is Not Chick Lit - Elizabeth Merrick, ed.
Introduction: why chick lit matters / Elizabeth Merrick -- The thing around your neck / Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie -- Two days / Aimee Bender -- An open letter to Doctor X / Francine Prose -- Gabe / Holiday Reinhorn -- Documents of passion love / Carolyn Ferrell -- Volunteers are shining stars / Curtis Sittenfeld -- Selling the General / Jennifer Egan -- The seventy-two ounce steak challenge / Dika Lam -- Love machine / Samantha Hunt -- Ava Bean / Jennifer S. Davis -- Embrace / Roxana Robinson -- The epiphany branch / Mary Gordon -- Joan, Jeanne, La Pucelle, Maid of Orléans / Judy Budnitz -- Gabriella, my heart / Cristina Henríquez -- The red coat / Caitlin Macy -- The Matthew effect / Binnie Kirshenbaum -- The recipe / Lynne Tillman -- Meaning of ends / Martha Witt.


Unaccustomed Earth - Jhumpa Lahiri
Unaccustomed earth -- Hell-heaven -- A choice of accommodations -- Only goodness -- Nobody's business -- Hema and Kaushik -- Once in a lifetime -- Year's end -- Going ashore.


The View from the Seventh Layer - Kevin Brockmeier
In these three stories, a young, asocial woman remembers the oddly honest things she wrote in her high school classmates' yearbooks and contemplates her scarred life, imagining an escape with an apparition she calls the Entity. A formerly dull and turgid pastor is touched by a spirit that turns his sermons into crowd-pleasers--that is, until he discovers his inspiration is a little less than divine. And a choose-your-own-adventure novel for grown-ups concludes the volume.


Wild Nights: stories about the last days of Poe, Dickinson, Twain, James and Hemingway - Joyce Carol Oates
Re-imagines the final days of five major American writers, in a collection of short works written in the subtly nuanced language style of each.