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Remembering the Titanic


         April 15, 2012 marks the 100th Anniversary of the sinking of the
majestic oceanliner, the RMS Titanic.  The story of the doomed ship and its passengers has inspired scores of research, books, movies, TV shows and songs, and still captivates our sympathy and imagination. Commemorative  events are being held across the globe, with memorial services, themed dinners, re-enactments and exhibits. There will be observances in Belfast, Northern Ireland, where Titanic was built; in Southampton, where it began the voyage; in Halifax, Canada, where 150 victims are buried; and in New York, the port Titanic never reached. And at the spot where Titanic went down, 350 miles southeast of Newfoundland, millions of rose petals will be scattered on the water.

        Take part in the remembrance  - a good book is amost like being there!


Every Man for Himself by Beryl Bainbridge
The fated voyage of the Titanic, with its heroics and horror, has been dramatized many times before, but never by an artist with the skills and sensibility of Beryl Bainbridge.  Bainbridge vividly recreates each scene of the voyage, from the suspicious fire in the Number 10 coal bunker, to the champange and crystal of the first-class public rooms, to that terrible midnight chaos in the frigid North Atlantic.  This remarkable, haunting tale substantiates Bainbridge as a consummate observer of the human condition.



The Dressmaker : a novel by Kate Alcott
A spirited young maid on board the Titanic captures the attentions of two men including a kindhearted sailor and an enigmatic Chicago millionaire and barely escapes with her life before witnessing media scorn targeting her famous designer mistress.





From Time to Time by Jack Finney
Time-traveling Simon Morley must help Major Archie Butt-an aide to President Taft-return to the States from a crucial diplomatic mission. The hitch is that Butt is sailing on the Titanic-and Simon, who joins him on the ship's maiden voyage, must desperately try to stay the hand of fate and keep it from sinking.




Maiden Voyage by Cynthia Bass
A brilliant boy, the son of a leading suffragist, is rewarded for his erudition with a dream-trip to England. During his return he falls in love for the first time with an older woman and the grandeur of the Titanic. Meticulously researched, this riveting creation of the infamous ill-fated voyage trembles with angst, adventure, escape, and loss.



promisemethisPromise Me This by Cathy Gohlke
Michael Dunnagan was never supposed to sail on the Titanic, nor would he have survived if not for the courage of Owen Allen. Determined to carry out his promise to care for Owen's relatives in America and his younger sister, Annie, in England, Michael works hard to strengthen the family's New Jersey garden and landscaping business. As Annie Allen struggles to navigate life without Owen, Michael reaches out to her through letters.



companyofthedeadThe Company of the Dead by David Kowalski
A mysterious man appears aboard the Titanic on its doomed voyage to save the ship. In April 2012, Joseph Kennedy--nephew of John F. Kennedy--lives in an America occupied in the East by Greater Germany and on the West Coast by Imperial Japan. He is one of six people who can restore history to its rightful order -- even though it would mean his death, and the deaths of everyone he loves.



        nogreaterloveNo Greater Love by Danielle Steel
It was the maiden voyage of the Titanic, the greatest ship ever built, and in one fatal, unforgettable night, the sea shattered the lives and future of an extraordinary family, the Winfields. Edwina Winfield, returning from her engagement trip to England with her fiance and her family, instantly loses her parents, the man she loved and her dreams. Without even time to mourn, she courageously defies convention to run her family's California newspaper and care for her five younger siblings.



The Titanic Tragedy by William Seil
Sherlock Holmes boards the Titanic on a government mission along with Dr. Watson, but when the U.S. Navy's submarine plans are stolen, the detectives try to uncover the thief before tragedy strikes the ship.




Raise the Titanic! by Clive Cussler
Two Russian spies and a violent hurricane hinder Dirk Pitt's herculean efforts to raise the R.M.S. Titanic and thereby salvage the world's only supply of a rare metal, needed for a secret American defense system.




The Titanic Murders by Max Allan Collins
Acclaimed mystery writer Jacques Futrelle and his wife are enjoying their second honeymoon aboard the Titanic. But when another passenger -- who has been practicing blackmail -- is found smothered in a locked stateroom, the Captain turns to Futrelle.