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Halloween Music

halloweenFrom the Adult Music CD Holiday Collection…

Halloween Hits, Various Artists, Holiday H

Monster mash (Bobby "Boris" Pickett & the Crypt-Kickers) -- Haunted house (Jumpin' Gene Simmons) -- The blob (the Five Blobs) -- Ghostbusters (Ray Parker Jr.) -- Twilight zone (Neil Norman & his Cosmic Orchestra) -- The purple people eater (Sheb Wooley) -- The Addams family (main title) (Vic Mizzy) -- I put a spell on you (Screamin' Jay Hawkins) -- Attack of the killer tomatoes (Lewis Lee) -- Martian hop (the Ran-Dells).

Halloween Party Favorites, Various Artists, Holiday H

This is Halloween: theme from the Nightmare before Christmas -- Theme from Saw -- Toccata and fugue / [J.S. Bach] -- Theme from Friday the 13th -- The Purple People Eater -- Werewolves of London -- Thriller -- Theme from the X-files -- Monster mash -- Tubular bells: theme from the Exorcist -- Night on Bald Mountain / [Mussorgsky] -- Theme from Halloween.

Halloween Party Hits, Various Artists, Holiday H

Welcome to my nightmare (Alice Cooper) -- Devil inside (INXS) -- Tubular bells (Book of Love) -- People are strange (Echo and the Bunnymen) -- The creature from the Black Lagoon (Dave Edmunds) -- Werewolves of London (Warren Zevon) -- The Martian boogie (Brownsville Station) -- Twilight zone/Twilight tone (The Manhattan Transfer) -- Halloween (The Dream Syndicate) -- Pet sematary (Ramones).

Halloween Sound Effects, Various Artists, Holiday H

Heavy breathing --Jungle drums -- Screaming man -- Witch giggling -- Squeaky laugh -- Insane witch giggling -- Laughing -- More screaming -- Goblins & witches laughing -- Laughing together -- Rosemary's baby crying -- Walking in a graveyard -- Walking through the forest -- Walking on gravel -- Walking on leaves -- Punching & tearing -- Various vomits -- Suicide splat -- Laboratory -- Church ambiance : prayer -- Church ambiance : singing -- Outdoor pavilion -- Big dog barking -- Dog barking in the distance -- Dog barking outside, close by -- Rabid dog growling -- Hounds of Hell -- Black cat -- 2 hissing cats -- Headless horseman -- Dracula's coach -- Owl hooting -- Hawk screeching -- Rattlesnake -- Mountain lion snarl/Werewolf snarl -- Cougar snarling -- Wolf howling/Wolves howling -- Frog in swamp eating flies -- Locust swarm -- Insects in swamp -- Giant fly -- Bee swarm -- Lion snarling -- Lion roar -- Elephants in the jungle -- Tiger cub -- Tiger snarl -- Gibbon monkey -- Gorilla -- Wind thru the trees/Thunder -- Rain in the woods -- Jungle rain -- Heavy rain -- Rain with wind -- Thunder storm at night -- The forest -- Swamp critters -- Tsunami -- Car crash -- Multiple car crash -- Bone saw -- Bomb/bomb 2 -- Rocket : bomb -- Cannon -- Pistol -- Dungeon cell door -- Front door -- Big dungeon cell door -- Creaking door -- Spooky clock chiming -- Pirate swords Trumpet-- taps -- Spooky music box -- Horror theme -- Far eastern music -- Phantom orchestra -- Heart beating -- EKG beating ; EKG flatline -- Crashes & bangs -- Alien arrival -- UFO takes off -- Small spaceship -- Flying saucer -- Twangs -- Bonk -- Metallic punch -- Monster chewing bones -- Hammering nails into a coffin -- Eerie chimes -- Ice cracking -- Whip; whipping -- Glass breaking -- Window breaking -- Scissor hands -- Spooking wind -- Big chains dragging -- Chains rattling -- Monster.

Music of the Night, Trans-Sylvanian Orchestra, Holiday T

Phantoms : adaptation of Toccata & fugue in D minor by J.S. Bach -- Satan's lair : adaptation of In the hall of the mountain king by Grieg -- Sorcerer : adaptation of The sorcerer's apprentice by Dumas -- Vampires : adaptation of Carmina Burana by Orff -- Haunted mountain : adaptation of A night on bald mountain by Mussorgsky -- Funeral : adaptation of Funeral march of a marionette by Gounod -- Dance with the Devil : adaptation of Firebird suite: infernal dance by Stravinsky -- The Munsters -- Frankenstein -- Tubular bells -- People are strange -- Music of the night.

Now That's What I Call Halloween, Various Artists, Holiday N

Halloween theme, (John Carpenter) –Dragula, (Rob Zombie) --O fortuna, (Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra & Chorus) --Tubular bells, (Mike Oldfield) --(Don't fear) The Reaper, (Blue Oyster Cult) --Devil inside, (INXS) --Bad things (Theme from True Blood), (Jace Everett) --Werewolves of London, (Warren Zevon) --Ghost town, (The Specials) --Dead man's party, (Oingo Boingo) --Monster mash, (Bobby Boris Pickett & The Crypt-Kickers) --This is Halloween, (The Citizens of Halloween) --Season of the witch, (Donovan) --I put a spell on you, (Nina Simone) --Beetlejuice: Main title/end title, (Danny Elfman) –Ghostbusters, (RUN-DMC) --A nightmare of my street, (DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince) --Somebody's watching me, (Rockwell).


From the Adult Music CD Sound Effects Collection...

Nightmarish Noise for Halloween, Rhino Entertainment, Sound Effects S

98 Scary Sounds, Columbia River Entertainment, Sound Effects H

Spooky Scary Sounds for Halloween, Rhino Entertainment, Sound Effects S

From the Adult Music CD Soundtracks Collection…

Fright Flicks, Various Artists, Soundtracks F

Amityville horror -- Tubular bells -- Nightmare on Elm Street -- Psycho theme -- Beetlejuice theme -- Time warp -- Scream -- Funeral march of a marionette (Alfred Hitchcock) -- The omen -- The X files theme -- Friday the 13th -- Halloween -- Jaws theme -- Carrie -- Tales from the crypt -- I know what you did last summer.

Scary Music, Cincinnati Pops Orchestra, Soundtracks S

SFX: The legend lives -- End theme from Sleepy Hollow -- This is Halloween from Tim Burton's The nightmare before Christmas -- Themes from Beetlejuice -- SFX: Haunted fun house -- Theme from The Addams family -- Tubular bells from The exorcist -- Theme from Ghostbusters -- Theme from The Munsters -- SFX: They've landed -- Martian hop -- Theme from Tales from the crypt -- Monster mash -- Opening from The shining -- Thriller (with SFX) -- The carousel from The haunting -- Theme from Dark shadows -- Beware the blob for The blob -- Theme from Attack of the killer tomatoes -- SFX: Tomatoes on the rampage.

From the Adult Music CD Classical Collection...

Symphonie Fantastique, London Symphony Orchestra, Classical Berlioz

Symphonie zu Dante’s Divina Commedia, Berliner Philharmoniker, Classical Liszt

Night on Bald Mountain, Philadelphia Orchestra, Classical Mussorgsky

Symphony No. 3, Saint-Saens, Orchestre symphonique de Montreal, Classical S

Instrument of the Devil, Rachel Barton, Patrick Sinozich, Classical V

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