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New Advantage E-Books & E-Audiobooks - February / March 2014

New Advantage E-Books & E-Audiobooks - December 2013 / January 2014

New Advantage E-Books & E-Audiobooks - November / December 2013

(OverDrive titles for use only by Plymouth Patrons!  Find them in the OverDrive Catalog.)

new Getting Comfortable with Your iPad - slideshow from the 2014 presentation.


new Curling Up with Your Kindle Fire (HD, HDX) - slideshow from the 2014 presentation.

new Becoming Attached to Your Android - slideshow from the 2014 presentation.







Downloading e-Magazines from Zinio
Please read instructions for creating two accounts !









Downloading to an Android Tablet (PDF) new

Downloading with Kindle Fire

Kindle Touch or Keyboard Help

Downloading with Nook e-Ink Reader (PDF)

Downloading with Nook Color or Nook Tablet (PDF)

Downloading to an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch (PDF)

Downloading to the Kindle Fire (PDF)

Downloading to the Kindle e-Ink Readers (PDF)

Downloadable Audiobooks from OverDrive











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