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  • Shelving Volunteers


    Help us put DVDs, CDs, and books back on the shelves.  If you are looking for a volunteer option with a lot of schedule flexibility, this is a good choice for you.  Before you can volunteer as a shelver, you will need to attend an upcoming Teen Volunteer Orientation. Complete the Teen Volunteer Application and bring it with you to your Teen Volunteer Orientation.  

    See our event calendar to register for upcoming Teen Volunteer Orientation sessions, or call 734-453-0750 ext 4 to register.

    After you complete your Teen Volunteer Orientation, click here to sign up for a one-hour shift to come to the library and practice your new shelving skills. (Note: We ask that volunteers limit their shelving time at the library to one hour per week.)

    Trained volunteers who need a review about shift signup can view this page