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New Signage Coming

Drive Thru Old Curbs 071316As part of our recent building repair project plans were made to fix the signs that were appearing quite weathered since they were installed in 1998.  The old signs have been removed  and new signs are  expected to be up  early in August.  Please pardon the damage to the landscaping in these areas while we make these much needed signage improvements.


 Library Steps Completed!

frontofpdlThe library steps were refinished and  the yellow stripping was completed in June.  The stairs were refinished at no cost to the library by our project management team to address concerns in the appearance of he steps. The new textured finish also provides greater traction for the 800

plus visitors we have each day.  Yellow strips were painted on the steps to improve safety for  visually impaired visitors. The curbs will also be painted yellow, as they were before the building repair project started, in the coming weeks.



Library steps update

painter and steps 62316The protective coating has been applied to one half of the entry stairs.  The bright yellow striping has returned to help folks use the stairs safely. Up next?  Work has begun on the west side of the entry stairs, where the protective coating and safety striping will be added.  The ramp remains open for barrier-free access.





New Self Check Outs Here!

self checkoutDid you know that about a third of  physical library material checks outs take place at our self service kiosks? These well used units were due for an
upgrade. New kiosks were installed near our main floor this week that will allow you to more efficiently check your materials out.  You can now check out piles of books at once! A new self check out kiosk will be installed in the youth department shortly. All kiosks will soon allow you to pay your fines cash free using  your debit or charge card.  In addition our security gates were replaced  as the previous units had reached the end of their life cycle. The replacement of this equipment required all patrons to temporarily enter the building through one entrance. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your persistence in finding your way into the library.

Library stairs to be refinished

steps sealingjpgThe stairs leading to the  entrance of the Plymouth District Library will be refinished starting the week of  June 6. This entrance will remain open and accessible to all library users during the renovations. The stairs and the barrier-free ramp will remain open.  Weather permitting, the project will be completed by the end of June.  

An industrial coating system, one used often in the coating of parking structures, will be applied to the stairs.   It will offer a textured surface which will be slip resistant and offer greater resistance to salt and winter conditions.    In addition this coating will improve the appearance of the steps and result in a longer life expectancy.

Overseeing the project will be McCarthy & Smith Construction Management;  architectural firm, Merritt Cieslak Design; and local engineering and consulting firm, SME.   Royal Restoration & Waterproofing of Livonia is the installing contractor.

Library now accepting VOIP Telephone System RFP

Plymouth District Library Accepting VOIP Telephone System  RFP (Request for Proposal) through  March 14, 2016  @ 2 pm

VOIP Telephone RFP

Provider Agreement

VOIP Telephone System RFP Addendum - Questions & Answers

ramp pk lot

Watch for our alternate barrier-free entrance this week!

On Thursday, January 14, 2016, we will offer an alternate barrier-free entrance for library users. While new guardrails are being installed on the library’s standard barrier –free ramp, individuals seeking easy access into the building will be able to enter at the staff entrance, located behind City Hall and the Fire Station.

This alternate entrance was utilized this past summer when our main entrance was being repaired. Library staff members will be posted at this entrance to provide assistance. Additional handicap parking will be available near the alternate barrier-free entrance during the project. Signage will direct library users to the alternate entrance.

The main entry will remain open for those who do not require barrier-free access. 

friends av upgradeFriends of the Library donate Sound and Video System Upgrade

The Friends of the Plymouth District Library recently provided a generous donation to the library to upgrade the sound and video systems in our large meeting rooms. New speakers and monitors were installed in the Dunning and Waldorf rooms on the main floor. These upgrades will allow groups using  the rooms to present  content from their laptops and handheld devices to the wall mounted monitors. This equipment  will be extremely well used by the over 20,000 attendees who use the meeting rooms each year.

We thank the Friends for their support and the impact they have on library services.

What is happening in the vestibule?

vestibuleThe front entrance remains open while the library's vestibule is renovated.  This work  is taking place each night after the library is closed.  An air curtain has been installed just inside the front doors to battle the extreme temperatures of winter and summer.  This curtain will keep the cold air out of the library in the winter and the hot air out in the summer, resulting in energy savings for the library.  To support the air curtain a wooden portal was created in the vestibule which coordinates with similar architectural features throughout the library. Flooring updates include a walk off carpet which will help keep this area dry during rain and snow conditions.  Additional insulation was placed above the vestibule and LED lighting  has been  installed  for energy efficiencies.   

The vestibule work will be completed by late December.



The Plymouth District Library repair project moves into its final stage

Library customers with construction

Barrier-free access to the library will change temporarily as the limestone caps around the ramp and porch are replaced.   The handicap ramp is scheduled to close for  up to two weeks starting on October 19, 2015.    Barrier free access will be available through the staff entry door, behind the fire station and city hall.  Handicap parking will be relocated to marked spaces behind the fire station.   This entry was heavily used in the summer months when the ramp was unavailable for use.  Library staff and volunteers will be posted at the barrier-free entry to assist library users coming into the building.   The steps to the main parking lot entrance will remain open during this phase of the construction however sections of the steps may be closed off while the limestone caps are replaced in this area over the next few weeks. 



hydroWhat is going on this week? (Oct. 12- 16)

Hydro excavation (digging with water) to replace a broken storm drain which is located near the building behind the bike racks.

How long will this work take place?  Monday through Friday this week but it may be completed before Friday

Is the book return open? It will NOT be open during the day but when the trucks leave at night the book return will reopen.





Friday, September 18 is National Tradesmen Day.  The Plymouth District Library board and staff want to give a big shout out to the tradesmen and women who have been working on the library repair project over these past six months and those who work on the library throughout the year. Your skills and hard work are greatly appreciated! Thanks for all you do to help us keep the library a safe, attractive place for our community. All of these trades bring a strong work ethic and integrity to the job. Their work has resulted in a beautifully well maintained library for generations to come.


 What's Going On In The Front On The Building?


This week you will find building repairs taking place from up above to down below by Library and City of Plymouth contractors.

                                                         Up above:
Scaffolding day 2bScaffolding went up near the bike racks for our boiler replacement project. This scaffolding  was built to get equipment and manpower up to the roof to install an additional  chimney flue. The scaffolding will be up for a month and construction work  will start in this area on Monday   Work will be taking place behind the fencing for the next month but the bike racks are expected to remain accessible. Once the scaffolding is removed this area will be beautifully  landscaped by Serene Surroundings.

Down below:
The  flat curbs in the parking lot in front of the library are being replaced by the City of Plymouth.from island As a result there is a temporary dead end for automobile traffic in front of the library. This area is expected to be opened to cars early next week. Rest assured you can still walk in this area and enter the library via our main parking lot entrance.   

 And in between:

 Snow fencing has been installed around the planters near our parking lot entrance to give our tender new plants a healthy start on life. Additional work will be taking place  around the entrance in early October as we move forward to address safety concerns in this heavy foot traffic area. Please take care when driving, walking and biking but find a way to come to the library!

keep plants growing.jpg










 Landscaping Now Taking Place!

near main entrance1


The next stage of our Building Repair Project is landscaping which began this week.  Utilizing  most of our existing trees, local company Serene Surroundings, will be adding native plants and more seasonal interest with an increase in variety of plants. In addition to improving the appearance of the building our plans also address water run off issues which have been contributing to wear and tear on the exterior of the building. It may look a little bare right now but stop by and check the progress over the next couple of weeks. Check out the attached landscape designs (Page 1) (Page 2) or visit the library to see the



Entrance and Barrier-Free Ramp Now Open

new ramp customers

We are happy to report that our main entrance - including our handicap ramp - has re-opened. Spring and early summer rains did contribute to some delay in the construction process and we appreciate your patience.

A number of improvements will make entry into the library safer and easier. These include:
-New pavers offering smoother and safer sidewalks
-More efficient lighting
-Sturdier handrails on steps and ramp
-More handicap parking spaces with improved sidewalk access
-More secure and efficient sliding front doors

As our Building Repair Project continues in the coming months, you will see landscaping improvements, safety directional painting on steps and parking lot, and the installation of secure limestone caps in the entrance areas.




Barrier-Free Ramp To Reopen Soon


P6280006If you have visited the Library recently, you've noticed that the parking lot entrance is available again. While part of the steps are open for your use, you can see that the other half of the stairs remains closed. We will be cleaning the new stairs in the coming week and are hopeful that our permanent handrails for the steps and barrier-free ramp will be soon installed.  We will reopen the ramp once the new handrails are in place.

In preparation for the ramp opening, parking spots on the Penn Theatre side of the library are being marked for handicap access. However, if you need barrier-free access, please continue to park on the fire station/city hall side of the library and use the temporary barrier-free entrance until we open our permanent ramp. 

Library staff and volunteers continue to be at that entrance to direct you into the library.



Bids Sought for Library Construction Projects

McCarthy & Smith, Inc. serving as the Construction Manager, will receive sealed proposals from qualified bidders for the Plymouth District Library Building Re-Roofing and 2015 Miscellaneous Projects Bid Package #3.


Update on Construction Progress


PDL Pavers on Porch

Our construction team continues to make great progress on the replacement of our main entrance at the Union Street parking lot. As you can see, paver replacement has been completed on the porch and the flat area leading to the curb. Curbs in this high traffic area were also replaced. Once the new gutters are completely installed in this area we are planning on opening up a section of the stairs and access to the bike rack area. To allow us to open up a section of the stairs at this time temporary handrails have been put in place.

The handicap ramp and the rest of the stairs will remain closed off for a few more weeks until permanent handrails are installed. In addition, the glass doors have been replaced.

Thank you for your patience as we move forward with completing the entrance replacement. Next snowmelt and paver replacement will take place on the Penn Theater side of the library.Curb Concrete Pout 061815 1










Book Drop Temporarily Closed

The drive-up book drop is expected to close temporarily for a brief period in the coming bookdropweek due to curb replacement. Weather permitting the book drop is expected to close on Monday morning for a day or so. During this time period books and library materials can be returned inside the building.

Library users are reminded that most books and materials can be renewed through the library’s website, , available 24 hours, 7 days a week.





Entrance expected to reopen in early July

06102015 stepsThe parking lot entrance of the library is expected to reopen in early July. Replacement of the library’s steps, handicap ramp, doors, and the snow melt systems are nearing completion. Due to excessive rainfall in May (almost twice the historical average) the completion date of this part of our building repair project has been slightly extended to early July. The trades, under the guidance ofMcCarthy & Smith Inc., have been working hard to catch up by working on Saturdays and overlapping projects which has tightened the timeline by six days.

Once the parking lot entrance is completed the second stage of this project will began on the Penn Theater side of the library where the pavers will be replaced and the snowmelt extension takes place.

Thank you for your patience throughout our building repair project.



Library Steps Looking Good!

The steps to the Library's entrance have been poured!  If you look closely, you can see the small cement squares where the hand railings will be anchored.  Work is progressing well and you'll see even more improvements over the next few weeks.  We really appreciate your patience as we complete necessary repairs to your Library.


all poured 6515


Work Progresses on Front Steps


steps preparing 5282015aThey say that a picture is worth a thousand words.

 In this photo of the Library's entrance, you can see the red and green cabling laid under the wooden forms in place for the concrete steps.  This colorful assortment of wiring is the ice-melt system that will ensure patrons a snow and ice-free entrance to the Library, even during the winter months.  

Thanks for your patience as we make your Library a safe and welcoming place in 





entrance main signs

What is happening to the Library entrance and why –


With over 1,000 people coming to the library each day, the major components of the entrance have simply worn out over the last 18 years.  These include:

Front Doors:  The front doors have been malfunctioning and repaired several times over the last year and need to be replaced.

Pavers:  The underside of the pavers leading up to the steps have worn away.  The pavers are uneven and a trip hazard.

Ice-melt System:  The ice-melt system was designed to keep the steps, the handicap ramp and porch clear.  It is no longer working and must be replaced for safe entry into the building during the winter months.

Lighting:  Night-time entry into the library has been a challenge due to lighting and electrical difficulties.  The smaller lighting columns will be replaced with larger light poles and handicap lighting will be greatly improved.

Gutters: Gutters are leaking onto the porch and handicap ramp – and then forming icy patches in the winter.  These must be replaced.

This construction work, vital to the safety of library users, should be completed by the end of June.     There are two alternate entrances – one facing the back of the Penn Theatre and a barrier-free entrance behind the fire station.

We are committed to keeping the library open during construction.  We thank you for hanging in there with us through to its completion! 

 Feel free to contact us with any questions – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or 734-453-0750, ext 242. 


Library entrance to change beginning May 4

Sally Pinchock and Serafine Hinz at alternate entrance to LibraryAs the building repair project continues, the Plymouth District Library will remain open to the public, but will be closing the main entrance, starting on Monday, May 4. All regular library services will continue as two alternate entrances are provided and clearly marked. The temporary main entrance will be located facing the rear of the Penn Theatre. Library users are encouraged to park in that area. Barrier-free access will be available through the staff entry door, behind the fire station. Handicap parking will be moved over near this entrance, behind the fire station. This barrier-free door will be staffed during library hours to make access as easy as possible. The library’s drive-thru book drop will remain open. The construction schedule indicates that these alternate entrances will be in place until mid-June.

For more information about the project or entering the library, call 734-453-0750, ext 242.

Photo left shows Sally Pinchock and Serafine Hinz trying out our new temporary entrance.


Replacing the Second Unit

BRP HVAC Crane Lift 041615 smThe Library will be closed on Tuesday, April 28, due to safety requirements, while the second heating/cooling unit is placed on the roof. The library will reopen on Wednesday, April 29, at 9:30 am.

As safety regulations also prohibit use of the parking lot between the library and Union Street on April 28, the drive-up book drop will not be open. There will be no fines for books or materials due on the closure.

Library users are reminded that online services are available 24/7 at These services include downloading electronic print and audio books; downloading magazines and newspapers; renewing and reserving library books, movies and music; checking the calendar of events and signing up for library programs; conducting database research and more.






Drive through Book Drop Closed Due to Roofing Project

Roofing Phasing Plan 4.18.15As the Library construction work continues, roof replacement begins Monday, April 20. The library will remain open during the roofing project, which is expected to be completed within two weeks, but the drive-thru book drop will be temporarily closed Tuesday -Friday, April 20-23, depending on the weather. No fines will be accrued during this closure. Please come in drop off your books in person during regular library hours.


 Replacing the First Unit

BRP HVAC Crane Lift 041615 13


 We successfully replaced the first of two heating and cooling units on Thursday April 16. Lifting a 14,000 pound unit onto the roof requires significant planning and a very impressive crane. Most little ones love big trucks. You are welcome to bring them to view the second crane lift which is planned for Thursday April 28. Weather permitting it will take place around 9 am. Just be sure to stay behind the caution tape and bring your cameras!



One day closure of Library scheduled for April 16


As part of the Plymouth District Library's building repair project, a one-day closure is scheduled for Thursday, April 16, 2015. Weather permitting, a crane will place the first of two large heating/cooling units on the roof of the library. Safety regulations require that the building be unoccupied during this installation. The second unit is scheduled for installation on Tuesday, April 28, 2015, when the library will again close for one day.

 “Our building repair project is moving along on schedule, “ indicated Carol Souchock, library Director. “We are committed to minimizing any disruption of service to the community.”


Safety regulations will also prohibit use of the parking lot between the library and Union Street on April 16 and April 28. For that reason, the drive-up book drop will not be open. There will be no fines for books or materials due on the closure dates. The library is expected to re-open the next morning following the two closure dates.

Library users are reminded that at any time the library is not open, online services are available 24/7 at These services include downloading electronic print and audio books; downloading magazines and newspapers; renewing and reserving library books, movies and music; checking the calendar of events and signing up for library programs; conducting database research and more.





Library Repair Project Underway

ceiling02112015The repair of major building systems at the Plymouth District Library has begun and will continue through the summer. Systems to be replaced include the roof, HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) system, the security systems, front entrance including sidewalk, steps and porch. The building will remain open to the public during construction. Steady wear and tear on this building, along with recent harsh winter conditions, have brought these important building elements to the end of their lives.

McCarthy & Smith Construction of Farmington Hills will manage the project as determined by the Library’s Board of Trustees last summer. Ronald A. Cieslak, RA from Merritt Cieslak Design of Northville will be the architect.

Work thus far has taken place during the hours that the building is closed to the public – late evening to early morning. Library users will notice this work on the library main level as ceiling tiles are removed as needed for system repairs. Exterior work is slated to begin in April.

There will be some impact on parking, as construction materials will be stored in the lot behind the building. All other library services, to include library programs, storytimes, teen events, book discussion groups, public computer access, meeting rooms, used book sale and group study rooms will all remain available to the community.

There will be no new taxes required to cover construction costs. All repairs will be paid from library’s building reserve account. Funds had been saved in preparation for these expected facility repairs and replacement of major mechanical systems. Half of the construction bids have been awarded to date – many coming in at less than originally projected. The remaining bids will be awarded in mid-March. The library anticipates ongoing cost savings through the new energy efficient HVAC system and exterior lighting upgrades.

Library users are directed to follow the progress of the repair project in three ways. There will be a public display in the meeting room lobby that will be updated regularly. The library’s website – and Facebook page will also carry the status of the project throughout the coming months.

The Plymouth District Library has been serving the Plymouth community since 1923 and at its Main Street location since 1945. The present building was built in 1997 and an expansion to the unfinished upper level completed in 2007. For more information, please contact Library Director, Carol Souchock at 734-453-0750, ext 218 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



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