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Combatting Fake News

fakenewsMany adults get their news from social media, which is timely and convenient, but we need to be vigilant about the accuracy, credibility, and reliability of every information source. We have created this resource guide to help you learn how to identify "fake news," and also to provide some tried and true links to sources you can trust.

Research Guides
Evaluating News Sources: Identifying fake, misleading, and biased news sources
From Eastern Michigan University

Fake News: How to identify and avoid fake news
From Indiana University East

Fake News, Misinformation, and Propaganda
From Harvard University

Watchdog or fact-checking sites

Michigan Truth Squad

Project Vote Smart


Spotting Misleading or Fake News: An Introduction
From the Information Literacy Department at Michigan State University

Evaluating Information Online
From the Information Literacy Department at Michigan State University

MediaShift Podcast

Infographics -

More info about “Fake News”
Center for News Literacy at Stony Brook University

“Many Americans Believe Fake News is Sowing Confusion” from Pew Research Center

The News Literacy Project

The Trust Project

Sources you can trust!
News and Current Events
From Eastern Michigan University

Government Information
From Eastern Michigan University

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